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    Anybody knows of any reasonably accessible resource, which describes theory and practice of schroth therapy?

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    our resource

    Hi "gerbo"!
    It's kind of expensive but I purchased Scoliosis and The Human Spine, by Martha Hawes, from NSF. Very interesting. I also reviewed a number of research study abstracts on PubMed. Some of the articles are noted on the Scoliosis Rehab website, On their website they also have
    a FAQ's link which is helpful. My daughter just returned from their 2-week program, what she calls Scoliosis Boot Camp :-). Another interesting website for a new organization, SOSORT, may be food for thought.

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    Articles by Hans Rudolph Weiss about Schroth and European braces


    I've done a bit of research into non surgical scoliosis treatment for myself and from the evidence I've seen the Schroth method seems to be the only one that offers some form of correction without surgery. I can't pursue this myself because I know of no clinics in Australia and I think I'm too old at 23. If anybody is interested, I have a few full length articles by Hans Rudolph Weiss (schroth doctor) in English. Please send me a message if you're interested and I'll forward the PDFs to you.


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