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    New here

    Hi all,
    Back in 1993 I had fusion surgery, I'm not 100% sure if they used a Harrington Rod (honestly I was 17 and don't remember most of it), but I know I have stainless steel. They took out a rib and fused it.
    Anyway about a few months ago I started experiencing intense back pain, I have my good days and bad days and it's not constant, but it was enough to see a pain mgmt doctor. I saw a regular ortho surgeon, but I'm trying to set up an appt with Dr. Rex Marco in Houston. My ortho told me discs L4 and L5 below the rod are starting to curve really badly and I would probably need surgery to extend the rod. If that's the truth, I would rather talk to a scoliosis specialist and have him operate on my back, not thrilled with a regular ortho for some reason.
    I've been through some of the threads here, seems like there are lots of nice people here I look forward to joining discussions.


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    Hi Jenn,

    Welcome to this forum!!! I can't answer your question, but you will find that there will be many people here that will be very helpful.

    I agree with you, that finding a scoliosis specialist, would be a good thing to do.

    Welcome again,

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    Hi Jenn...

    You have good instincts. I would strongly urge you to be seen by a scoliosis specialist. You can find a list here:


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    Thanks to you both for welcoming me I have an appointment with Dr. Rex Marco in Houston on Oct 17th. My back has been horrible today, even the Vicodin I have is barely touching the pain.
    I hope everyone had a good weekend

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    Hi illyria1
    Welcome to the gang. and yes there are alot of great people here. I am CÚcile and I live in the Ottawa area here in Ontario Canada. I had my surgerey In 85 at 17 like you, but I have been in pain since then. I hope you will find the info you need here, and I will help when I can. Good luck to you and keep us posted. Cic from ottawa

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