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Thread: Surgery- Yes or No?

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    Thank you orchid, that is a reasonable response. I hope that Erika Maude's clinic will document their claims. I am very familiar with Schroth and its extensive literature, but am not clear about what the distinction is with "Scoliogold."

    I suggested that bluestone have a look at this clinic -- and others I mentioned -- simply because it is not too far from the Midlands where she lives. It is extremely unlikely that physiotherapy would do any harm, but very likely that scoliosis-specific PT will help at least for pain, and probably fairly quickly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Writer
    Marine -- take off your combat boots and act like a lady.
    That's ridiculously classic, Writer, and quite possibly, among the most non-sequitur statements I've seen you pen. How uncouth of me to display the poor manners to disagree with an expert like you!

    I didn't even comment on Schroth (since you obviously weren't paying attention when you read my response): The ONLY thing on which I commented, and referenced the comments of others from another recent thread, was Scoliogold.

    Quote Originally Posted by Writer
    I wouldn't blithely condemn the Suffolk clinic based on what I've seen at this forum, which is mostly second- or third-hand information that I saw long before it turned up here. At least some of their therapists were trained in Bad Sobernheim. Dr Weiss later wrote not about the quality of the therapy but about some administrative issue that is long since solved because the person left the clinic.
    Such a typical response from you, and no wonder many believe the link you purport to Schroth is understated at best, disingenuous at worst.

    While core-strengthening is never a bad thing, progressive curvature above/below a fused area is most often caused by decompensation (non-inclusion of all curve-involved vertebra in the fusion). If you're going to pretend to know *everything*, at least get the basics correct.

    (... just like I'm not "the Marine")
    Fusion is NOT the end of the world.
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