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Thread: Um i dnt get it can sumone help me plse!

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    Um i dnt get it can sumone help me plse!

    Hi im 16 n i wear a boston brace and i really dont understand why some people get 2 wear it for 16 hrs a day and other people (like me) are stuck with wearing it 23 hours a day. Wen i take my brace off 2 have a shower or something my back seems totalli straight now its worked relli well. Do u think next time i go 2 see my orthotist he will reduce my hours of wearing it?? Ive heard sum people onli hav 2 wear them in bed aswell? Im very confused so plse help!

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    how long have you been wearing you brace for? i have to wear my TLSO for 23 hours a day as well.
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    Greetings faerieprincess,

    Medical doctors look at several things when treating a patient. Good doctors will look at the most current research and treatment plans for a disorder. They will also consult with other medical doctors. Some doctors are more conservative with their treatment than other doctors. Every patient is different even if the curvatures for the thoracic spine and lumbar spine are the same measurement. Even though you have to wear your brace for 23 hours a day at least you know that your spine will stay straight all day long. Hope that answer helps some.


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    Hi fairie princess. Everyone is different, and honestly the best thing you can do is to take notice of your doctor and do what he thinks it is right for you. It must be a drag wearing it 23 hours a day, but sweety in the longer scheme of things you will be glad that you did.

    By that I mean when you look back on this time you will be pleased with yourself and for persevering.

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    hey faerieprincess- be strong & do your best. my daughter was braced in sixth grade w/ S curve thoracic measured 25* then, she wore her brace for,16hrs perscribed time, slept in it & made up other hrs @ home. taken out of brace in 9th grade because she had progressed to 40*& 30*. 2nd opinion also said no brace @ this point, she was almost done growing. now in 10th grade & her spine has a mind of its own. she now measures 55* & 45*. surgery is scheduled for oct. 17th. we have to deal w/ the cards we are dealt. im so sorry 4 anyone who has scoli on their plate. longislandmom thinking of u

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    thank evrione 4 the helpful comments, im relli trying hard 2 wear it for the full 23 hrs. Hopefulli this will work and i wont have 2 have surgery! Btw good luck to your daughter longislandmum n hope the surgery goes well n 2 evrione else that has 2 have that done. Ive been wearing my brace for just ova 4 months, i know this dosnt sound very long compared 2 other people with scoliosis, however i onli noticed it when i waz 15, my orthotist said my spine waz unusually flexable for a person of my age so suggested bracing. Im not sure how long i can have this thou as once i hav stopped developing the brace isnt going to help much.
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    My doc said that the hours depend on how old u are, how many years you have left in growing, and how bad your back is. I'm also stuck with 23-23 hours, but i do not wear that much anymore(shhhh) i guess im just sick of it now after a year of braces, i'm going to wear my new one more i think
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    faerieprincess your issue sounds alot like mine: my spine was so flexible that i had to wear my brace all the time. when i started "weaning" myself out of it , my spine got worse.. i know its hard but stick to it!
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    well for me i only have to wear my back brace at night! the reason for me is that my back isn't that bad that i have to wera the brace all day! i'm sure that if my back got any worse that i would have to wear the brace longer! but since mine isn't that bad i only have to wear it at night because during the night is when u grow. so to stop my back from getting worse i only wear it at night! do u get wat i'm saying or am i confusing?!

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