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Thread: paying what wasn't covered

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    paying what wasn't covered

    How have some of you handled the fact that insurance doesn't cover some aspects of surgery? I thought my insurance would pay in full and was assured by Beth israel ahead of time that if it didn't,.........the surgeons would just accept the amount the insurance gave them. My insurance co. has probably paid around $20,000 , but I still receive many bills for the remainder that I can't afford to pay.
    Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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    Call the hospital/doc office and ask to speak with the business office. Be honest and tell them your money situation. At both the hospital/doc office they can reduce the amount you owe. With the hospital, the business office will often rebill your insurance using a differant "CDC Code" (codes used by insurance/medical to decide how much to pay) and the insurance will pay a bit more. Also, make sure that what you are recieveing is actually a bill and not a copy of what the hospital/doc sent the insurance co.

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    1) they aren't looking for car insurance--they are talking about medical insurance


    2) this post is so old, the problem has certainly been taken care of by now!
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