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Thread: My daughter Meghan

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    My daughter Meghan

    My 2 year old daughter Meghan was diagnosed with scoliosis at birth. She has been monitered since then and currently (or as of 8/6) has an 18* curve. she has an appointment tomorrow and im worried that it got much worse. my older son (7) and daughter (11) both have it and have pretty bad curves. ill update more about her after the appointment. Wish us luck1

    -Annie (and Meghan!)
    Annie. (61* Before surgery 8* after, Surgery 1990)
    Mother of
    Anna, age 11, 54* curve (surgery on 9/2)
    Mack, age 7, 32* curve (TLSO Brace)
    Meghan, age 2 18* curve (Monitering)

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    I hope your daughter's appointment went well. I am posting to suggest you read the SpineCor thread on this forum (under bracing). SpineCor is a soft, flexible brace that is having amazing results with young children and smaller curves. My daughter is much older (16) but wears it to reduce (hopefully) her 44 degree double curve or at least stabilize it. At two years old, you have every reason to worry about the curve progressing and many parents on this forum have been advised to "watch & wait". Unfortunately sometimes the doctors watch until the curve is in the 30's and then it is much harder to get it to respond to bracing. There are many posts by Celia Vogel - her daughter started wearing the brace at a very young age after having serial casting to reduce her curves. She is very knowledgeable about all of this.

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    I wasn't sure if I should post here since this is the congenital thread. Do your kids have idiopathic scoliosis ? You definitely have your hands full with all three children having scoliosis. I took a look at your website and I see you live in Australia. I'm pretty sure doctors in Australia are very much against serial casting for infantile scoliosis - I'm at a loss to explain why The spinecor brace would be a good choice for your 7 year old son and I believe there is a treatment centre in Australia that carries the spinecor brace. If you look at under treatment centres, you should find one in Australia. I believe the youngest child fitted with the spinecor brace is a four year old. I would definitely keep a close eye on your baby's scoliosis for signs of progression. Have you asked your doctor for an RVAD # ? An RVAD above 20 is a pretty good sign of a progressive curve, if the RVAD is below 20 then chances are the curve will resolve, however given the family history I'm a little skeptical that it will resolve. Since your baby's curve is still small, perhaps PT might help a little.
    Good luck with everything and keep us posted.


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