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Thread: Needing some advice on my limitations

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    Needing some advice on my limitations

    Hello my name is Allie. I had my surgery when I was 14 and do not remember a lot of what my limitations are. I am 24 now. I do remember no trampolines and no diving into pools. Dr. Dickson in Houston did my operation and I understand he is retired now. I have two rods in and have two or three vertebrates that are not fused. I am wanting to know what type of exercises I am allowed, if I can ride a horse, and snow skiing? I have tried to call the doctors office on the workout advice and they told me to get a personal trainer. I got one and he told me to ask my doctor? I just found this website and it is wonderful to be able to talk to people who understand what is going on. I look forward to hearing any advice you are willing to give. Thank you, Allie

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    Hi Allie

    I started replying to you last night at midnight then the power went out
    Anyway- after my first fusion in 1982 I was told no skydiving
    by my doc- he was being funny. The real limitations that I was told was no horseback riding, snowmobiling or any type of sport where you are putting stress on unfused vertebra by bouncing while you're sitting.
    I am a skier and have skiied after both my surgeries, after the first one my mom was really protective and skied right behind me to make sure no one plowed into me and took me out. Skiing has risks of it's own but to me it's worth doing, even though I'm pretty sure that's how I broke one of the screws in my back when I fell on ice and bruised my tailbone. Luckily
    I didn't have to get the screw fixed because my fusion is rock solid.
    I highly recommend that you find a new good scoliosis specialist in your area
    since you think your original one retired. Scoliosis is a lifelong thing and you need to have a doctor to check in with. Wishing you all the best. Jan
    1982- Scoliosis fusion with Harrington rod T3-L4
    1998- revision surgery for flatback syndrome: fusion extended to sacrum, 2 discs removed/replaced with
    titanium spacers, 2 new short rods attached to Harrington rod, 6 pedicle screws
    2005-found out one screw was broken-surgeon said fusion is solid and not to worry
    2004 to now: neck, shoulder and hip pain, degenerative disc disease in neck, herniated and bulging discs in neck, bone spurs, arthritis

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    As someone had had the surgery over 30 years ago, I can tell you to go easy on exercise. Swimming is the best. Also water aerobics and yoga. I was VERY active and am now paying the price above and below my fusion. Bouncing and jarring, weight bearing all take a toll. I was told horse back rinding is okay if you ride the old gray mare! No to snow mobiling and downhill skiing, but cross country skiing is okay. Walking is another great exercise.

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