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Thread: Damn Rib Hump!

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    rib hump

    This is re: clothes and rib humps. I have found a top in a catalogue called J.Jill. The website is It is a button-front shirt which they call thier signature shirt. It has an elliptical hem (longer in the back than the front) and an inverted pleat in the back, which makes it fuller and soft. They are $29 for petites and misses, and $35 for women's. I love it. It is a soft cotton, which looks great ironed, but I also pull it out of the dryer as soon as I think it is dry and wear it like that. It has a collar you can wear up or down. Although nothing is going to make the hump disappear, I think this looks nice. I always look for tops with a softness in the back, a hem that looks like it's meant to be worn out, and side vents. Yes, I do get sick of wearing these tops. I am small and love little t-shirts, etc. The flip-side is I am in very little pain right now, even though I have some flatback symptoms and may need revision surgery. Good luck!

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    Hi All,

    Well its a year later then when I last logged onto this site and told my story about living with the hump. Having reread some of the replies has given me fresh hope that this time something might get done about my hump!.

    I recently had an appointment with a new surgeon as the pain in my back has been getting worse over these last months despite it being a good 8 years since the upper rods were removed from my spine. It turns out he's not so new as he was trained under my old surgeon doh!. Fresh x-rays were taken of my spine and neck as it had been 3 years since I'd seen anybody and he reckons my spine is fine the fusion worked and it was right to take the rods out as apparently they stop being effective after a year or so when the spine has fused and apart from some minor deteriation of my lower neck there was nothing to worry about yeah right so why am I now on morphine to try and control the pain?.

    I have a follow up appointment with him next week so I'm going to hit him with the possibilitily of doing thoracoplasty surgery to try and reduce the hump in the hope that might help reduce the pain and make life a bit more comfortable. If he says my spine is fine and this type of surgery was never offered to me afterall these years he can only say no right?.

    On the homefront a lot has changed I now have 2 cats instead of one and a fiance!. We are getting married on my 30th birthday next march and he's been the best support to me over the last few months and I couldn't imagine doing any of this without knowing he will always be there.

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    clothing and body image

    it wouldn't let me go to your pictures so i don't know how severe your rib hump is but i have never really seen pictures as severe as my own. i've had it all my life and have found a few strategies to make it easier. shirts with hoods are awesome. they don't have to be sweatshirts, i have the cutest tight little shirt from the gap with a hood on it. they work wonders. also now they have a lot of cropped coverups out this fall. some hang funny and off to one side but one's that have an enclosure to keep them close to the body are great. also tight dresses don't work, but spaghetti strap ones that are not too tight in the hips i have found look alright. i also wear my hair long to cover it up. i've found lately however that working on making my body the best it can be is more beneficial. even though i have twelve fused vertebrae, they have held the fusion for thirteen years, so i can still do situps and other excercises. i found that working on staying fit and building muscle tone is rewarding and makes me feel like i'm doing something postive for my body. i'm seriously considering a thorocoplasty next summer so this will be excellent prep for my lungs as well.

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    Dancerchick15, you are so right about wearing hoodies and excercising. I had my surgery many years ago, but I also exercise and love hoodies. I find 100% cotton dressy t-shirts generally fit nicely across my back. The current brand which I prefer is Michael Stars. The shirts come in various sleeve lengths and colors. They are rather pricey and available at Bloomingdales and comparable stores. I find that darker colors are more forgiving than lighter colors. Wearing black is not a problem for me, since I am a middle aged east coast suburbanite (with Harrington rods and a 49 degree thoracic curve after correction). Slightly tapered or looser fitting jackets might also be attractive in heavier fabrics, such as denim, corduroy, leather or suede. Slacks are difficult to fit for most women, so I have no recommendations, except for lots of patience and sticking with a store or brand which was successful in the past. Trial and error is the only way to know, but if you find something particularly attractive, buy more than one if your finances will allow it.
    P.S. Will there be a scoliosis online fashion show?

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    i have a rib hump on the right hand side i haven't actually seen it before but i stand to one side sort of lean to one side and my head and neck are sort of more too ne side of my sholders i stand on a slant and its very painfull.

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    Since we're on the subject of clothing...
    After surgery, when one is recovering what is the best type of clothing to wear? I'm a jeans-type gal- when will that be possible? How long after surgery? Also bras? I will possibly be getting a/p surgery in the spring.

    Idiopathic Scoliosis; Wore a Milwaukee brace; Told by physician it would not progress
    S curve; Surgery date: January 29, 2008!!

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    As a mother of a post surgery (with healing complications) scoliosis dtr I would like to say I think any of you with a rib hump are beautful and your back is unique and says alot about who you are and your strength as a person.
    I almost feel sorry for those ignorant or imature people who can't accept beauty for more than one level.
    Everyday I am thankful (even with her rib hump) her back is beautiful to me.
    I know you all are young and looks are important now but just realize their are people outthere that see what a beautiful person you are inside..with a rib hump or not!!
    now 16 yr old daughter
    with worsen 65 degree upper curve
    surgery Nov 3, 04

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    Thumbs up


    You are so right! My parents always told me I was U-NEE-Q and made me feel like every single thing about me was special. Sometimes they say they may have nourished my self-esteem too much, but in the end, it allowed me to be comfortable with who I am - long legs, short waist, crooked breasts, slow gait, and all! I also found a WONDERFUL spouse who thinks my "pointy butt" is very sexy. If it weren't for all those years in a Milwaukee brace, I don't think he could say that!

    Your daughter is so fortunate to have a mom that reminds her that beauty truly comes in many forms. We should all celebrate our imperfections as they make us who we are. They also help us to keep things in perspective and recognize the value of the significant things in unconditional love.

    You have brought a huge contented smile to my face. Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom.


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    My chest is really bugging me just the appearance really my breast bone its nothing major but i get paranoid and wondered if there is any tpe of surgery which can help correct it or any chest padding i cud wear basically its uneven ... Thx

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    Funnily enough, I find the same clothes that make my hump look HUGE in white and pale colours I can get away with in black and other dark colours. Even tight black T-shirts seem to almost magic it away. Stripes, on the other hand, are a disaster!

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