This is re: clothes and rib humps. I have found a top in a catalogue called J.Jill. The website is It is a button-front shirt which they call thier signature shirt. It has an elliptical hem (longer in the back than the front) and an inverted pleat in the back, which makes it fuller and soft. They are $29 for petites and misses, and $35 for women's. I love it. It is a soft cotton, which looks great ironed, but I also pull it out of the dryer as soon as I think it is dry and wear it like that. It has a collar you can wear up or down. Although nothing is going to make the hump disappear, I think this looks nice. I always look for tops with a softness in the back, a hem that looks like it's meant to be worn out, and side vents. Yes, I do get sick of wearing these tops. I am small and love little t-shirts, etc. The flip-side is I am in very little pain right now, even though I have some flatback symptoms and may need revision surgery. Good luck!