I'll cut to the chase....I HAVE A HUGE RIB HUMP!

It bugs me when I lay down, sit down, lean against something, etc. I want it to be less visible to reduce pain and so I can feel better about myself. I think my surgeon has the wrong idea, he wants me to wait a while (April 2004) until I get to see if again. He wants me to recover from my operation, which was in August 2002, and wants to see if I still want surgery to help it.

The thing is he thinks I want it fixed because I hate the look of it, and he's right, that is part of the reason. But having it there is uncomfortable. Can you imaging feeling the springs in your matress press against only one part of your back, ouch!

The surgery we are (mainly he) is considering is "pure cosmetic" surgery to help reduce the look of my rib hump. Apparently there will be a LOT of pain but I am prepared. I've already suffered the pain of a broken rib and my first scoliosis surgery, don't think that I'm not prepared for this. Has anyone gone through this, or anything similiar?
Does anyone actually have a rib hump??