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Thread: 7 weeks post op.

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    Talking 7 weeks post op.

    Well first of all I"M DRIVING!!! Woo Hoo! It feels so much better to have some indepence back now. The pain is all but gone, except for the discomfort i feel time to time. I am off all pain killers but am now on anti-anxiety and sleeping tabs because I got quite depressed at around 3-6 weeks post op and find sleeping very uncomfortable. I am relieving this by sleeping flat on my back which i never did pre surgery but find it is the only way i will sleep without waking.
    My scar looks great. It is fairly dark now but should fade by summer time. The hip graft scar is far worse and this is the only place i really feel pain now. I can not feel half of my back yet, which is meant to be normal but geez it is strange. When my partner rubs the cream over the incision it feels like he is only rubbing little bits and missing huge chunks. I have to say though, i had a pimple on next to the scar last night and didn't feel anything when my partner popped it (I know gross but at least there is a plus).
    The depression has definately died down now. I think mainly that is due to me coming off the meds. Those things really play on your mind and also thanks to the fact i don't have to lounge around watching movies all day and can get out on my own in the sunshine.
    I still can't swim(my body refuses to float), but find walking laps in the heated lap pool very therapeutic if not a bit tiring afterwards. I am heading back to work in a week(high school teacher), but only for 2 days until the end of term and with lots of special provisions.
    To those of you awaiting surgery or in first stages of recovery, you just wait and see. It all turns out beautifully and was the best thing i ever did. If anyone wants more personal details, feel free to private message me.
    LIFE IS GREAT!!!!!!!

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    I am having surgery in two and a half weeks. When I read posts like this it eases my worries. I am very glad to hear that you are doing so well.
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    How exciting Katiev! I too was a side sleeper before my surgery and found sleeping flat on my back difficult to get used to. Eventually, I realized that I began turning to my side in my sleep and would wake up in the morning on my side. It was a great feeling! And driving....isn't it the best to be able to go where you want, when you want again? I'm so happy that you're over another milestone....good luck with the rest of your recovery!

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    wow-katie-you are doing great.....very good!!!! I am about 3 weeks post-op and every day or so I feel better.......keep in touch--Lynne ps. I am so grateful that my hump is totally gone for back sleeping....

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    I'm glad to hear you are doing so great! I'm eight weeks post op now and we sound like we have gone thru alot of the same things... although I'm definitely not ready for work yet. I had the depression too... it get's better though, especially when you can start driving again!
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    Hi Katie,

    It sounds like your doing great, congratulations!!!


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    Katie -

    Glad to hear you are doing so well. Keep up the good work!
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