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Thread: spinecor advice

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    I am so very happy for you! Celebrations are in order!
    God has used scoliosis to strengthen and mold us. He's good all the time!On this forum these larger curves have not held forever in Spinecor,with an initial positive response followed by deterioration. With deterioration, change treatment.The first year she gained 4 or 5 inches and was stable at around 20/20 in brace, followed by rapid progression the next year.She is now 51/40 (Jan2008)out of brace (40/30 in Spinecor) and started at 38/27 out of brace(Jan2006.) Now in Cheneau.

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    More good news

    We just got back from the pediatician. When the Doctor found Erica's curve 3 weeks ago they also found a heart murmur. (not the innocent kind) I am not sure if it is due to the spinecor but the murmur is GONE!!!

    Another thing that I want to throw out there is that it is possible that Erica's curve progressed slightly in just 3 weeks. My point is that if these curves are left to "watch" they can progress Fast I am so glad we got treatment as soon as we did.


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    Glad to hear a positive on her heart.

    Glad to hear you went to Canada and got Spinecor which had great correction. I wish you the best and hope it continues to go well.

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