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    Question Khaled Kebaish

    I noticed several people had appointments with Dr. Kebaish how did they go and what is everyones opinion about him?

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    Before you operate...

    Hi Avenanzi,

    I have been to see Dr. Kebaish twice. Both times were for follow-up visits. My original surgeries were done by Dr. John Kostuik who was at JHH but has since retired. I think Kebaish is an O.K. doc, but I read through your prior postings on this site and I VERY STRONGLY AGREE that you should follow through on some alternatives to surgery before you dive in and make such a drastic move. Surgery, once done, can't be undone. You may very well end up having to have surgery some day, which is okay, but I think that with your degree of curve and your age you should check out some alternatives first.

    Treatments such as physical therapy, even if they don't solve your problem entirely, will almost certainly leave you in a much better position to go into surgery, if you ever choose to do so, and they may actually handle your problem althogether and totally alleviate your need for surgery. Wouldn't that be great? It can't hurt to try. The option for surgery will always be there.

    I live in Columbia, Maryland and I have a physical therapist here who I swear by when it comes to dealing with issues related to scoliosis. Feel free to contact me directly if you are interested in her name.

    Good luck whatever you decide to do.


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