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Thread: Anyone who had surgery have a child with scoliosis?

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    Anyone who had surgery have a child with scoliosis?

    I'm new to this site and have been reading for a few days. My 13 year old daughter went for her sports physical on Friday and we are told she needs to get Xrays for a mild curvature.
    I had the Harrington rod surgery in 1984 at the age of 11 for a 75 degree S curve and am in a fair amount of pain on a daily basis. I went to a specialist about 5 years ago and he prescribed Arthotec. The specialist was had no sympathy for my pain and told me to "live with it". My general practitioner told me that she could refer me to another specialist in another city a couple months ago after seeing an Xray of my back (she thought I had kidney stones, thus the Xray). Anyway, I've been contemplating seeing the specialist. I have good days and bad days, pain wise and I don't want to be laid up from surgery. She said that I am developing bone spurs and arthristis on my lower vertabrae from the fustion. Does anyone else have this problem? I have 2 very active children and don't want to miss their activities!
    After all of this, I will put my own pain on the backburner until I hear the results of my daughter's Xrays. I have been worried about the chance of her developing scoliosis for years, and now my fears are a reality. The general practitioner doesn't think that hers will progress because she's almost done with her growth spurt (4 inches in the last year). I worry that the spurt may not be done because she hasn't had her period yet and she's still alot shorter than I am. (Of course, she has 3 very short grandparents and one very tall grandparent, so her chances of being short are pretty good anyway!)
    I just want to know if anyone else out there has any similar things going on in their lives? I don't feel like I have anyone to talk to about this.
    Thanks and God Bless!

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    Hi Christa...

    When you're ready to consider surgery, you'll find a community of people who have Harrington rods and have either had surgery, or who are contemplating it, here:

    I'd like to warn you that many spine specialists will tell you there's nothing that can be done for you. That is not the truth. It is, however, difficult to find a good specialist who has a lot of experience in treating people with prior scoliosis fusions.


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    I too have had a dr. dismiss my pain and it makes me so mad!

    As for your daughter. My youngest had infinatile scoliosis but seems to have outgrown it. The only reason it was diagnosed at all was because of my own paranoia of them getting it. The dr. thought i was nuts but humored me and got me x rays.
    37 yo
    diagnosed at the age of 5. Wore milwaukie brace with boston girdle from 2nd grade until 8th, had first spinal fusion/harrington rod surger upper back, 1983. Brace was taken off after healing.

    In 1987 discovered lower back needed surgerie as well, had 1st rod replaced and 2nd put in.

    I have a 6 yo son who was diagnosed with infant scoliosis at the age of 1. Seems to have outgrown but we are monitoring.

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    Hi Christa,

    I haven't had surgery, though it was recommended when I was 18 and 4-5 years in a Milwaukee brace failed to stop my curves. I was always so worried about my daughter developing scoliosis, but so far she seems fine and it was my oldest son who actually developed scoliosis and had corrective surgery several months ago.

    Anyway, I also felt like I had no one to talk to before I found this forum. You'll find many understanding and supporting people here. I'd be happy to talk to you, anytime.


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    Reneee, This is the place to go if you need to talk to someone or just need some answers. I think scoliosis is hereditary. My father has scoliosis, I have one sister with scoliosis and me of course. My sister and fathers are not that bad. They are noticable but not real bad. My mother had Kyphosis. I had one sister who did not have either. Her back was straight as could be. If you need to talk just let me know. I never had any children but if I had of I would have been concerned that they would have had scoliosis also. My sister that had had no sign of scoliosis has a son and he has no scoliosis either.

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    I sent you a private message. Lynn
    1981 Surgery with Harrington Rod; fused from T2 to L3 - Dr.Keim (at 26 years old)
    2000 Partial Rod Removal
    2001 Right Scapular Resection
    12/07/2010 Surgical stabilization L3 through sacrum with revision harrington rod instrumentation, interbody fusion and pre-sacral fusion L5-S1 - Dr. Boachie (at 56 years old)
    06/11/14 - Posterior cervical fusion C3 - T3 (Mountaineer System) due to severely arthritic joints - Dr. Patrick O'Leary (at age 59)

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    I had scoliosis surgery in 1975 and have a Harrington rod. I have had a lot of problems develop due to my fusion growing on its own. I have 2 daughters and one grandson. My oldest daughter had a mild curve when she was 10 that she out grew. My younger daughter had surgery and 2 rods put in two years ago to correct her scoliosis. Knowing that both of my sisters had mild curves but nothing done to correct them, I kept a very close eye on my daughters. My younger daughter went from no curve to 40 degrees in one month. She was finished growing but her curve wasn't so she ended up having surgery. It was easy for her to adjust to the surgery because of seeing all her life of how I did things differently. I have talked with other children who were the first in their families to have the surgery and they had a hard time until I passed a couple of tricks along to them. So I your child is having surgery, you will be able to help them more than anyone!

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    As far as I know, no-one else in my family has had it, but I met a woman in Outpatients who had scoliosis herself and one of her three daughters has it too. I have also come across two sisters who both had it. i think your chances go way up if it is in the family, although they used to say not.

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    I have tried to find people who have it in my family and still don't know from wich side it could have come from, b/c only a second cousin(who's younger than me) has it and it's mild. I do know it is hereditary though.
    35 y/old female from Montreal, Canada
    Diagnosed with scoliosis(double major) at age 12, wore Boston brace 4 years at least 23 hours a day-curve progressed
    Surgery age 26 for 60 degree curve in Oct. 1997 by Dr.Max Aebi-fused T5 to L2
    Surgery age 28 for a hook removal in Feb. 1999 by Dr.Max Aebi-pain free for 5 years
    Surgery age 34 in Dec.2005 for broken rod replacement, bigger screws and crosslinks added and pseudarthrosis(non union) by Dr. Jean Ouellet

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