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    Smile Allana Update

    First off I wanna thank you all for all the support. I wanna try to address some of the questions you all asked. Yes the MRI was a full MRI that confirmed her spine is not tethered. It also covered quite a few other things. Because of her hemotosis on her head, when she was born they conducted a cat scan to check the plates in her head, so I am confident of her brain wise.
    So on to the update. Allana saw Dr. D'Amato in Portland at Shriners on the 11th of this month only one week after I submitted my ap. She then was brought back in very swiftly for surgery on July 21st. Allana was officially casted on that day.
    When we got to Shriners, the first thing that was done dueo my story was an X-ray, and her back was at 45 degrees!!! That was down from the 63 degrees she started at. So we were told since her back was resolving itself to a point, now would be the perfect time to cast her. So we came back a week and half later for her surgery. They placed her in her cast,took an X-ray and (bringing tears to my eyes) 15 degrees!!!!. She will go back in 6 weeks for another cast, and then 6 weeks after that, she will go into a part time brace. I am so excited and am hopefull for the first time. We were treated with respect and my daughter with love at Shriners and they will always have my heart!!
    Since we have arrived home, Allana has adjusted very well to the cast and is officially walking alot more on her feet flat, but Shriners is sending her to a developmental pediatrician to have one good look at her. I will give more updates as they happen.
    Thank you for all the love and support!!

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    Thanks for the update! Sounds like things are moving in the right direction. Good for you and Allana. Keep us posted on how she does. Great news.
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