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Thread: Baylor Scoliosis Commercial

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    Red face thanks

    Okay - everyone make up! I don't want to see any fighting! But I do appreciate someone defending me (Thanks Structural!) I used the word offended to describe the two people who didn't like or were concerned about advertising. Just not sure how else a doctor reaches the masses in a country beside PR - which he does as well. I agree, it can be uncomfortable at first, but me and others you have seen hear saw it and felt hope for the first time.
    The "book" you talk about varies by author (figure of speech). Most people consider over 60 degrees operable (even at the military hospitals) - it just depends on what the kyphosis is doing to you. I also had scoliosis.
    I went from a 67 to a 77 degree curve in 4 mos. My spine literally was collapsing. I had already had two previous back surgeries inc. a l4-5, s1 fusion w/ bak cages done - anterior. My husband was serving in the middle east when my daughter was born and did so until she was 10 mos old. I breast fed up until my surgery because she was unable to take a bottle. That load along w/ hormones caused a downward spiral.
    When I saw "saved my life" I am mean mentally and physically. The pain was debilitating... even before my pregnancy, it was awful the "hunch" in my back was getting so bad so fast, and then pregnancy just put the icing on the cake. I had unexplained tachtocardia (?) and what I thought was asthma. The asthma disappeared after surgery - yeah! If you don't think a 77 degree curve is serious stuff, I'd love to email anyone my before and after xrays. I was the hunchback of notredame.
    But besides that, the discs in my thoracic were popping out like pez candy! I had so much stenosis that they pushed right on my thecal sac - it affected bowel function, my legs, chest pain, so much more. The pain was incredible. No one could help me. I was losing my mind. Seriously. (and I am not a wimp! but it was intense!)
    Structural was right with regards to my situation. She nailed it.
    If someone is an alcoholic or drug addict and they rehabilitate, we say that AA or someone "saved their life" because they weren't functioning in a normal way or in a positive way. More than that happened with me. There is just so many things that I haven't even touched on, but KNOW that the medical issues were numerous.
    Am I perfect now? Nope. Grateful for the improvement? Absolutely.
    PS - I tried all that stuff for over a decade - rolfing, deep tissue, physical therapy, tens units, stretching machines, an inversion table, etc. etc. I did NOT want surgery. Until the desperation and pain had me in a non-functioning state.

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    OH MY GOD. Stop bitching at eachother!! This is so rediculous... people are coming here for answers and the past two threads I have clicked on are structural and linda fighting with eachother over opinions and credentials. just post what you think, and stop criticizing and critiqueing eachother's posts. Whoever reads it can form their own opinions about what they think.

    22 yr old F,KU college student
    Scoliosis (25T, 23L) diagnosed @ 14 yrs old; curves June 08 were 45T, 32L with 18 degree rotation
    Kyphosis of 65 degrees...
    I am missing a lumbar vertebrae

    Surgery 6/30/2008 with Dr. Lawrence Lenke
    Fused T2-L2

    before/after pics
    all smiles!

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    iagree there should be no fighting especially when the fighting starts going into something besides what the post was talking about which is a dr my opinion its great to have a major surgeon advertise ,theres proof on diannes story and probably many others,does it mean a surgeon is the greatest in the world because he advertises no but the point is he gets the word out that there is hope for difficult scoliosis cases.look at dr boachies surgery on discovery channel.thats advertising what he does in a away,but im sure by showing that on tv ,he showed what kind of help can be done on difficult scoliosis cases and that was the reason for showing that .
    Trudy T60 L70 posterior surgery feb.8th 2007

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    I want to retract any comments I made with regard to Dr. Shelokov’s advertisements on airlines. I was WRONG. A few years ago I made an appointment with a gynecologist who was part of a 4-member OB-GYN team. My doctor ordered a bone density test for me. As I lay there while the technician was administering the test, she appeared baffled and confused. Thinking something was wrong with the equipment, she tried again. At that point, I told her that I have scoliosis, and she asked, “what’s that?” She then called a nurse into the room and I told the nurse about my condition. She said they just never ran into that before and suggested to the technician that it may be a good idea to add scoliosis to the checklist for new patients. The doctor then asked to see my back, and made no comment. No questions were asked, such as “have you been examined by a specialist who treats scoliosis?” My point is that I believe there is ignorance within the medical community itself about adult scoliosis and what can be done to treat it. Had I known that help was available 15 or even 10 years ago, I would probably not be facing as invasive and risky a surgery that I require now. As with most progressive diseases, the earlier the treatment, the better the outcome. So, if Dr. Shelokov feels that his campaign can reach an otherwise uninformed public, then I applaud his efforts. And I sincerely apologize to anyone who I may have offended with my ignorant remarks.


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    progressive curve

    I wish I had been told that there is a possiblity that my curve could continue to progress . I too would not be facing surgery at my age. We do need to get the public educated!

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