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    Question Spinal stenosis

    I have really enjoyed reading the other messages. This site has provided two firsts for me-- one is reading, hearing about other people with ongoing scoliosis concerns, and where curves of 100 aren't weird; the other is, I have never used the internet before for anything but researching.
    I have two questions regarding my current situation:
    Over the past year I have been ignoring symptoms which have increased enough over the past two weeks that I am now paying attention. I had a surgery in 96 for spinal stenosis, secodary to pseudarthrosis, had a dural leak and blood patch and since then have had some bowel incontinence, urinary retention -- this has been increasing over the past year, and then 2 weeks ago, I had pain in my right and left leg, numbness in my left foot. My orthopod, whom I called, and unfortuanetly is 1000 miles away, told me to see a neurologist, but whenever I have seen the local neurologist for concerns at all related to the scoli, he tells me to see my orthopod. I am trying to contact a neurosurgeon at John Hopkins that was recommended, but haven't had success yet. I guess, my questions are 1. when others have had stenosis have they had this run a round and what have they done? and 2. anyone know a really good physician--either neurosurgeon or orhopedist, within a three to four hour radius of central PA? Thank you and I'm sorry that I've been so long winded.
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