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Thread: Brand New Group for Disc Replacement Patients

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    Brand New Group for Disc Replacement Patients

    Many of us who have had surgery to correct scoliosis are now suffering from DDD, or Degenerative Disc Disease, or other long term complications and are candidates for ADR surgery. This group is for discussion about all issues concerned with disc replacement surgery, pre and post op, or for those just considering the procedure.

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    Hi I think DDD is worse than having scolosis. Disc's get so Painful worst pain in my life. I had too many disc's that were bad to have the new disc replacement. My doctor told me that probally in a few years he would do a disc replacement on the disc's that aren't fusied.Dave
    Hello I'm Dave
    34 years old
    2002 C5-C7 Fusion with plate and screws.

    Sept 2005 T3 to L1
    65 degree before 37 degree After Thoracic
    Rods and Screws

    L3-L4 and L5-S1 took discs out fusied with rods and screws.

    Had 11 1/4 hour surgery spent 6 days in coma and 7 days in heart ICU. Had a tough surgery don't want to go through that again.

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    Can you have ADR after a long fusion?

    My Surgeon said I would never by a candidate for ADR because of my previous fusion T9-L4. Are you a candidate?

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    Not for the fused.

    I talked with Dr. Richard Guyer in Plano last year. He is one of the top surgeons in the country for ADR. I am fused from T7-L3 and he said that with the current technology, ADR is NOT appropriate for individuals that have previous fusions. He told me that if he put an artificial disc in my back, I would break it. He also said that he doesn't think that improved technology will not be available for at least 10 years.

    Currently, candidates for lumbar ADR must have single disc problem and never been fused. The FDA didn't approve anything more.

    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the CHARITÉ™ Artificial Disc (DePuy Spine, Inc. of Raynham, MA) for use in treating pain associated with degenerative disc disease. The device was approved for use at one level in the lumbar spine (from L4-S1) for patients who have had no relief from low back pain after at least six months of non-surgical treatment.


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    THanks so much for the info...actually this is a question I've been asked repeatedly by my family members- if I'm a candidate for replacement - after learning I have degenerative discs at from L1-L3. (I'm fused from T2-T12).

    Wow! Don't we learn to be tough. As my hubby says - I have an extremely high tolerance for pain - (3 kids no meds!) - I think it has to do with a lifetime of discomfort.

    Thanks again
    Always Smilin'

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    I just had an appointment with my doc on Friday and he mentioned that he beleives the FDA will approve disc replacement within a year's time. For the first time in years I actually have hope for my pain. I feel like the DDD is worse too in terms of pain. I'm 27 years old and because of my spinal fusion my spine is a wreck -- and no one ever told me that it was going to be like this. Don't get me wrong, I know I needed my fusion (age 13, 75 degree curvature) but I just wish I knew what I was in for after the fact. I'm going to have a radiofrequency neurotomy in May sometime, so I'm hoping this will help for a bit, but I'm beyond excited about disc replacements!

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    Hi Rachel - I can empathize...I have a similar situation, I'm 31, (surgery at 13 for curve in the 70s too), and just had a revision b/c of DDD, Flatback Syndrome, and stenosis in the lumbar spine below my original fusion at L4. They ended up removing L4 completely. I don't have the pain I did prior to surgery, but know that realistically I will always have some degree of "pain" at some time or another. Hopefully you can get some pain relief from the procedure in May.
    Nov. 2006 - revision surgery
    Aug. 1992 - revision surgery for hook removal and pseudoarthrosis
    July 1989 - Cortrell Doubosett procedure - two rods and fusion T4-L4 (age 13)

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