Hi everyone,
I am new to this forum, although I have read many of your posts previously. I usually end up in tears, just reading that other people have been or are going through similar circumstances.

It's now over 14 years since my operation to correct a 52 degree curve and I have rods from T9 to L4. For the past 3 months, I have had chronic muscle spasm in my right gluteal muscle and left side of my back where the fusion is causing me to cripple over and not be able to stand up straight again until the spasm releases. I have had moments where I felt so scared that I'd have to have another operation and that it is all related to my scoliosis.

I have been seeing physiotherapists, and finally found one that was 'in-tune' with my body. (One therapist tried pulling my right leg... yanking it - I don't know what that was supposed to do exactly???)

Anyway, I had a bone scan done last week and It looks as though I have either a disc disease or bony stress reaction. Has anyone had these conditions? Could you enlighten me on what may be involved in the way of treatment?

I also work at a desk job - sitting most of the day, I think I may have to give this up as sitting makes the pain and muscle spasms worse. Anyone have a similar problem with sitting?