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Thread: Side muscle tightness?

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    Question Side muscle tightness?


    I'm 26 and I have a 20-degree scoliosis due to one of my legs being about an inch shorter than the other (probably genetic). It hasn't bothered me too much (just back pain if I sit for too long), but lately I've been having side pain. If I touch my waist with both hands and walk, I feel that one side is tighter than the other, and the side that is tighter is the one that hurts. Does anyone else have this side-effect, assuming it's from scoliosis? On that same side, I've also been having internal pain and next week I will go through Ultrasound to see if there's anything there. It just feels as if I had constant gas pain on that side. Anyone else with this kind of pain, too?

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    PS: I have been reading several posts in this forum and I have learned a lot. I wish all of you good luck and hope to be of some help in the future.

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    I am 27 years old with about a 30 degree curve in my lower back, along with a 70 degree Kyphosis, causing my right leg to be about an inch shorter. The curve goes right to left, like the letter "C", so the muscles on the convex side of the curve have been stretched out over the years, whereas the muscles on the concave side have been compressed. I do alot of simple stretching throughout the day...stretching my right arm above my head and to the left to stretch those right side muscles out. Do alot of hamstring stretches as well in the morning. Alot of people have very tight hamstrings which pull hard on your back. Simple stretch is to lay in bed and lift your leg up, keep your knee locked and point your toes to your chest. Can feel the stretch from your calf...down your leg and through your back...its great!! Hope this all helps.

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    10 years ago I had very bad side pain. It turned out to be on the inside of the tight lower side of my S curve. I was having bad spasms. No amount of stretching got in there to relieve the pain. I saw 3 different orthos, 3 different PTs and epidural shots. I got some relief with massage and a chiropractor, but what really worked was swimming. It seems that I could get to muscles in the water that I could not get to on dry land. I was lucky that I have had no additional back pain for 10 years. Now I'm having shoulder and thigh pain, probably from pinched nerves from the scholiosis. I'm seeing a chiropractor and going to PT now.

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