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Thread: What were some of your surgical costs?

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    7 months & still waiting for amounts

    Scoliparent - 3 months is nothing....I'm at 7 mo and haven't received anything telling me what I will owe exactly.

    My surgery was done at UC San Francisco which was out of network for me being in Las Vegas and having an HMO. Somehow they approved the surgery under the non-network benefits. I am sure I will be screwed when everything is said and done. My total as I said before is $378,000 for the hospital/doctor. I've dealt with insurance companies so much and it is such a pain in the butt, not to mention the BACK as we all sit on the phone going through bill after bill. I feel for all of you and can totally relate. It is a very scary thing to think I could owe $30-50k. Who knows?

    Good luck to everyone.

    35yr mother of 4 yr old girl and 8 yr old boy
    *Dec 05 A/P revision surgery-UCSF,Dr. Deviren- fused T3 - L3, rib removal
    *1995 Hardware removal (spine collapsed into 105 degree kyphotic curve over next 8 yrs)
    *1994 Revision scoliosis surgery to remove rods and put in clamps/other type hardware, ended up having problems so went back under 5 days later
    *1992 Removal of broken Harrington rod, 2 smaller rods put in
    *1987 Harrington rod for 46 degree scoliosis curve

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    Research your insurance & ask as many questions until you understand...keep a log of all your medical bills....know your deductible etc...I have aetna ppo & I'm still researching my amounts to meet the deductible of 550 which I thought we made already... also I notice some of my tests/Dr.s used prior to surgery, were in network & some out of network..all very tricky to keep track of.....also just found out from Aetna that my predetermination was just approved... seems from what my Dr.s office said, all is done the month before because surgery costs/operation costs change mthly-guess they go up--so all is not ok'd until right before you go in...........ahh the world of insurance....Ly

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    slprncess, no my Dr. did not adjust any of my bills for dr. visits. But I turned out ok anyway. With over $200,000.00 in medical bills, my out of pocket was not that much. I don't remember the exact amount but it was no ways close to the initial cost of surgery. His Drs. fees were not that much approximately $100.00 per visit. If I had to have surgery now it would be lots more out of pocket expense, because of change in ins. Mattie

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    Shari please send me a PM

    I wish I had seen your post sooner.

    I know exactly how you feel. A similar thing happened to me with my daughter's surgery. Your course of action depends on what type of insurance you have. HMO, PPO, etc.

    This is a problem that you need to address with your INSUANCE company. If you had no control over who did part of your surgery, you have coverage rights. You just have to work the system and don't take no for an answer.

    I don't know who is the government agency in WV for insurance regulation. If you get nowhere with the insurance company or the doctor's office, you will have to initiate an investigation. Whatever you do, don't stop making that $15 payment each month. You should get it all back in the end, and you need to show good faith.

    Most importantly, start keeping a log of who you called, what payments you have made and individual names of people you talked to. If you send me a PM, I can work with you to find out what questions you need to ask the insurance company and help you find a solution.

    I am not an insurance professional, I am just a person who has been where you are now.

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