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Thread: SpineCor Brace

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    SpineCor Brace

    Hey guys.
    Has anyone ever heard of the SpineCor back brace? I had one. It's a flexible back brace. You can do activities in it, and you're pretty much unlimited. However, like other braces, it's very uncomfortable and hot in the summer. But it's definitely, in my opinion, a preferable option to the rigid brace. Unfortunately, it didn't work for me, I have to get surgery, but for many people it works.
    Anyway, anyone heard of it?

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    There is a HUGE decision on this forum about the SpineCor brace. Try doing a search and I'm sure you'll find the thread.

    Mary Lou
    Mom to Jamie age 21-diagnosed at age 12-spinal fusion 12/7/2004-fused from T3-L2; and Tracy age 19, mild Scoliosis-diagnosed at age 18.

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