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Thread: No Clue????

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    No Clue????

    I have scoliosis, but there is no telling what type. My left ribs jut out at the bottom, but the weirdest part is my back. I have almost no curvature to my back. It literally almost goes from my neck straight down, I always have lower back pain. I don't know what type of scoliosis would leave you with a total flat twisted back. It's almost like my back goes inward between the shoulder blades too(and my shoulder blades are winged). My neck tilts to one side also, and i'm starting to get the impression that there is either everything wrong with me or i have some nerve damage or something. Literally ANY input would be wonderful. Thanks a bunch.

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    A Little Help


    See a doctor if you can. I have servere Scoliosis and it was picked up when i was 3 and a half. I've had back pain right in the middle of my back because I have 2 curves that look lik an 'S' and I'm due to have surgery on it this year.

    also try and do some exercise as well because that'll get rid of any pain and it'll get rid of any extra body weight you may be carrying.

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    The top and bottom of my spine lined up perfectly. I have a "C" shaped curve that made one side of my waist go in more than the other. Best thing to do is see a ortho and have xrays done to see what's going on!
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