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Thread: 1 week post-op

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    1 week post-op

    My daughter, Devin, had her surgery Monday the 12th. She had a 71 degree thoracic curve and a 26 degree lumbar curve. They've been corrected to 15 degrees. She tells me her back doesn't bother her, only her shoulder on the outside of the curve. We call it her long side. It restricts the movement of both arms. She's so depressed. We brought her home on Monday and as soon as she looked in a mirror she said she didn't look like herself anymore. She wants to know how long before she feels like getting out of bed?? How do I keep her spirits up?

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    Keep her doing the simple in-bed exercises that were (or should've been) done at the hospital after surgery. Though she won't want to, try to get her up and walking just a little at a time, and work to more and more. Movement really makes it faster, did wonders for me. If you can without worrying about having to go down alot of stairs, go outside with her. Open curtains, get lots of sunlight, it helps lift depression.

    Hope this helps. It can be pretty tough, but it's possible.
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    I would also stress movement. I "made" my daughter get up and walk around the house at least 4 times a day whether she wanted to or not. With her 2nd surgery we walked outside by her 4th day post-op and walked every day and built on it. (The 2nd surgery wasn't as intense as the first though) Every week my daughter was twice as good as the week before. Three weeks seems to be a big jump. She should be able to take a quick trip to the mall by that point. I think we went for about an hour at that point then it was home for a nap.

    My best goes out to you and your daughter. I pray God will strengthen her quickly and that her recovery will be uneventful and fast.

    Cheryl M

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    I'm 33 and had difficulty adjusting and looking at my new body! She'll be fine in time. I was out walking two times a day 1 week post-op. I told my friends and family to force me and they did. I think it was the BEST thing for me. After two weeks I wanted to go for walks! My friends and family keep me company and my spirits up
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    devsmom, the most important thing, like the others have said, is getting out of bed and walking. We did a lot for our daughter, because there were limitations on what they can do after surgery. However, we did have her do things for herself. If she wanted a glass of water, we would keep a glass on the kitchen counter, so that she could get it herself without bending, twisting, stretching. Our daugther is very strong willed and pushed herself hard to recover, as she doesn't like to be slowed down. We actually had to slow her down a little bit, because we were afraid of the damage she could do by overdoing.

    Remind your daughter, her body is still quite swollen from surgery and it will take time for it to go away. Once Crystal's swelling went down, she was thrilled with her new body.

    There will be a huge improvement at 3 weeks and then again at 3 months. So, hang in there. It's hard to do, but it does get better. Keep her encouraged and let her do the simple things herself.

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    Thanks everyone. I showed her your replies. I think it eased her mind. Since Monday I've seen a huge difference. She's been downstairs, had a shower, even been outside. She gets tired easily though.
    Cheryl C
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