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Thread: Excersise does help!

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    Excersise does help!

    Hi, just found this site today.
    I want to emphasise how much exercise can relieve pain from Scoliosis, and in my case hopefully reduce the curve progressing with age.
    I am 33, female and have had Idiopathic Scoliosis from when I was 16 and I noticed it in myself from the age of eleven, (pain in one leg when running).
    I haven't had the chance to talk about scoliosis with anyone in great depth who has it themselves, but have been through the humiliating quick assessments when in my early 20's and was told that there was nothing to do about it, it would be stable, might worsen whilst pregnant. They could fuse the spine, but I haven't enquired more - I have 3 curves that balance me up, if they were to straighten one I would be worse off visually and I was more interested in being pain-free, flexible and as strong as possible.
    So the main curve is between my hips or lower, deemed to be 20% back in 1993. The other 2 are between my shoulders and in my neck. There's a layman's description for you! I was a very thin adolescent and on starting university started a bit of weight training that I have persisted with off and on over the years.
    I found that my desk bound working life had a greatly negative effect on my spine and I would try and counteract all that still time with swimming and weight training.
    I also indulged now and then in therapeutic back massage which relieved and stretched muscles temporarily. Tried acupuncture when the pain was really bad this helped. The pain stems from overdeveloped muscles tightening more, accentuating the curves, compacting the spine, referred pain, etc.
    One year ago my back pain really started to affect me mentally and I desperately wanted to find the "cure " for scoliosis myself, take control. I knew whatever the answer was, it would be something I would have to continue to do for the rest of my life.
    Leaving work during lunchtime to attend a yoga class (it had got that bad!) I met this great teacher and arranged a private session with him to get my own custom-made programme. That was a year ago. A few simple exercises, adding a few more each session. I took to it with gusto and the pain was relieved noticeably. But I didn't continue with it. Until 3 weeks ago. What I have found works for me is warming up before I do the stretches. I run/walk for 30 minutes, striding up hills, stretching the butt muscles, working the arms, loosening the hold the muscles have on the middle back, then straight onto the floor at home to go through the routine. I took a photo when my back was at its worse and will take one again soon when I have been going for a few more weeks. Already I stand stronger, can twist and react faster. I have a way to go, but I feel empowered that I can make a difference myself and don't have to pay an expert.
    Does anyone have 3 curves like myself? I would like to hear from you. Cheers!

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    3 curves/exercise-my experience

    I had an old type of scoliosis surgery in 1956 to balance my 3 severe curves at age 13. No hardware used those days. In later life those curves PROGRESSED-all 3 of them even the fused one. I used Pilates which really gave me more stamina, reduced pain and even improved my posture-for awhile. I did it faithfully as well as hiking. I did this for 4 years-even had my own certified Pilates instructor- but my curves--all 3 of them progressed and I had revision surgery in 2002. My curves then were:30 cervical/80 thoracic/40 lumbar and I was tilting to one side. They are now half that after my surgery.

    Exercise is great for scoliosis but does NOT stop the progression permanently.

    My suggestion: have an adult scoliosis specialist is monitor your curves to see if your efforts are successful. There is absolutely no other way to really know without measuring. It coud be your curves are already stable and you just need to keep fit. Other people have curves which progress 1-3 degrees a year for life; if you do the math it comes out rather high in middle to later years with accompanying pain and deformity.

    Hate to be so blunt but most of us here, including myself,thought we could find a better alternative on our own.
    Original scoliosis surgery 1956 T-4 to L-2 ~100 degree thoracic (triple)curves at age 14. NO hardware-lost correction.
    Anterior/posterior revision T-4 to Sacrum in 2002, age 60, by Dr. Boachie-Adjei @Hospital for Special Surgery, NY = 50% correction

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    Curves progression

    Thanks for your knowledge in this area Karen
    I do remember the orthopedic specialist saying when I was 20 that the curves wouldnt get worse, based I suppose on the fact my skelton had stopped growing, but with increased pain and curve I can tell now that he was misinformed. I'm going to stick to doing the things I know make my torso strength better. I would like to have a life without painkillers 24/7 and I would like to be able to join friends for more than a day tramp (hike) etc.
    My height hasnt got less so I'm OK monitoring it myself at this stage...

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