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Thread: Complication from rib removal

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    Just checked the sites you mentioned Linda, which were interesting and informative. Certainly things in common although some things are very different, and the treatments they suggest either don't work for me (any drugs) or make things worse (movement, massage, heat, tens machines, acupuncture anywhere near the spine). It certainly seems to be a central nervous system problem rather than in the bones, muscles or peripheral nerves.
    The talk of spontaneous remissions looked good!
    Thanks again,


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    Quote Originally Posted by Lavinia
    Linda and Jess, thanks so much for your messages. I'm feeling a bit more reconciled to things now, at least not feeling totally confused is a help and the hospital physios were wonderfully patient, explaining things about 3 times each, which was great since they couldn't actually do much physio with me.

    Best to all,

    You will be FINE "just a day at a time"My Best, Jess
    March 23, 2006 Anterior/posterior Ileum-T2
    15 1/2 Hours
    Dr. Tom Lowe R.I.P.

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