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Thread: new pain - rods?

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    new pain - rods?

    I had my two-stage op 16 months ago and have had plenty of pain since, some of which I didn't have before. Just recently, though, there is a new pain which is like a burning sensation to the left of my spine. It comes when I roll that way in bed, reach down or up with my left hand and even when I change gear! Yesterday and today I have a horrible gnawing pain there even when i don't do anything.
    I'm wondering if it's the rods causing this. I probably have to have them out eventually because of my MRSA infection anyway but they don't want to do it yet. To those of you who needed the metalwork removed because of pain, is this how it felt? I do also remember having something similar in hospital, when I couldn't bear to be rolled onto my left side because of this searing pain.
    Can anyone help?

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    My pain was like a bursitis, but it was only one hook at around T5 that hurt and was taken out. It was a stabbing and burning sensation, and it went all the way in the nerves in my neck and right arm. Pain free for five years, until I broke a rod and got new screws and crosslinks put in December. The pain is in those upper screws(around T5-T6, and they want to try some type of shots but the wait at the pain clinic could be a year long(sigh), so I can't tell if they would help for now.
    35 y/old female from Montreal, Canada
    Diagnosed with scoliosis(double major) at age 12, wore Boston brace 4 years at least 23 hours a day-curve progressed
    Surgery age 26 for 60 degree curve in Oct. 1997 by Dr.Max Aebi-fused T5 to L2
    Surgery age 28 for a hook removal in Feb. 1999 by Dr.Max Aebi-pain free for 5 years
    Surgery age 34 in Dec.2005 for broken rod replacement, bigger screws and crosslinks added and pseudarthrosis(non union) by Dr. Jean Ouellet

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