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    I Found Out My Husband Has Cervical Levoscoliosis , On Thursday.
    I Need To Get Information On How To Help My Husband . He Has Applied For Disabilty Income For Social Security. What Are The Chances He'll Get It. He Has Lost The Strength In His Arm That Was Injured When He Had A Motorcycle Accident In His Late Teens. He Is Now 54 Years Old. What Do I Need To Help Him?

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    I wish I could give you great answers but I don't know for sure if he can get s.s. disability. I am 35 and I had surgery in Dec. I was working at the time and luckily the company had short term disability and long term. I was able to get the long term but it was a big pain in the butt, not to mention my back which was trying to heal. The LTD company required I apply for S.S. disability first so I went through the steps. It was very time consuming as you would imagine. Here in NV, I went on-line and filled out the paperwork then called and made an appt at local office. I had to go in and meet w/ someone, took about 30 minutes. All along I was told that SS does not give disability if you will not be out of work more than a year, which I won't. BUT I STILL HAD TO DO ALL THE WORK!

    If your husband's doctor say he will not be able to work again and you have it documented then he should apply for it. You will need to fill out a great deal of paperwork and it could take a while to get approved (hopefully).

    I hope everything works out for you both. Sorry I can't be more helpful.

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    Hi Donalda- I hope I can help, I'm in a similar boat

    I also have a lot of neck problems, herniated disk, bulging disk, bone spurs,
    levoscoliosis.I am out of work on disability right now and cannot return to the type of work I have been doing for the past 15 years, I need a more sedentary job.I want to try that before I throw in the towel and go for complete disability. I've had 2 scoliosis surgeries on my back, so now my fusion extends from T4 to my sacrum- so my neck is taking a beating since it is the only flexible part of my spine. I have neck,arm,shoulder pain and a lot of headaches.
    A lot of how far you can get with disability (at least in New York where I live) depends on your doctor's documentation. It might seem like they are making you jump through hoops they might recommend pain management, physical therapy etc first before they let him go on disability. It's a pain but they are really inclined to help people still be able to function in some way.
    Has your husband ever had surgery on his neck/back?
    Have his tried chiropractic or acupuncture? I have been doing both. Chiropractic has been very helpful for me.
    I hope some of this info helps you, I'm right there with you and my heart goes out to you.

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    When he gets turned down for ss disability, get a hungry lawyer!! The process can take up to three years. The lawyer will help you get back disability. They get 25% of back money or $5300 max. That is set by the government. I am waiting for my answer to my appeal (which will probably be denied and then we get a court date.) I was turned down for the second time this summer, so I got a lawyer.
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