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Thread: Exercise post rod + fusion

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    Exercise post rod + fusion

    I'm a 25 year-old from London, England and had a rod inserted to treat scolioisis when I was 16. I want to start getting fit and am looking for information on exercising, both to reduce the risk of scoliosis-related pain when I'm older and to improve my general strength and fitness.

    I used to swim fairly regularly but can't always get to a pool nowadays, so I was wondering what alternatives there are. My surgeon originally told me to avoid any weight lifting that put strain on the back (i.e. pretty much anything apart form leg/arm exercises), and I presume that yoga or pillates similarly isn't suitable if I have a rod.

    Has anyone got any advice or suggestions for finding further information?

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    I know someone of 46 who had the scoliosis op about 4 years ago and she swears by yoga. Pilates is also said to be very good.

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    I highly recommend Elise Browning Miller's Yoga DVD. She has scoliosis too and so does the people in the video (all different types of scoliosis). She shows variations of the poses for each person. I have a lot of pain and doing her exercises really help.

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    I sure hope I'm not going to be limited to yoga and pilates post surgery (Dec 06). I've always been a jock/ gym rat and that's probably why it's taken 40 years for my scoliosos to get to this point, of needing surgery. Pleases ,folks, tell me I can lift some weights, jog, bike, play frisbee, have good S_x..?

    60 plus lumbar, 45 thoracic
    first time surgery maybe in Dec 2006
    40 years old, single professional mommy

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    I have three harrington rods from neck to L4. Had my surgery 20 years ago. No limitations on activities. Having pain now and in need of a revision surgery, but find yoga, pilates, elliptical machine, weights for strengthening legs, etc help. Basically I was told I could do anything, if I get pain to stop those things. Good luck and go with what your body tells you is right.

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    I had surgery July 05 and I'm now back working out 4-5 times a week. It all depends on how I'm feeling that day. I work on the treadmill, the elliptical. I also do zumba classes that incorporate all different styles of dancing. Helps burn those calories and get into shape. I'm working at being able to run a mile without having to hold onto something (but in the meantime, if I'm not on the treadmill, I'm toting my daughter in her stroller and jogging/running) I do sit ups on a pilates ball (can't lay flat on my back on the floor it hurts still) and I also do the yoga booty ballet programs at home. (using the bands and streching really helps out my back muscles) I'm also lifting weights now 5-10 lbs. But I do carry my 3 yr old girl around at times who weights around 30lbs. (don't hold me to the exact weight though, she might weigh more) As far as great s_x, don't arch your back. I tried and ended up in tears. as soon as you get used to the way your back will be repositioned. I don't know if it would be a problem, but my surgeon told me that I wasn't allowed to have s_x for 2 months, or whenever I felt up to it. I hope this helps you out. good luck!
    25 yr old female =^_^=
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    Lumbar curve 23 degrees
    surgery from t5-l1 25 July 2005
    Two rods and 16 screws later . . . 0 degrees YAY!

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    I agree about Elise Miller's DVD, but she has scoliosis, BUT never had fusion surgery. I don't think I'd recommend her DVD for post-ops. Ellen Kiley, is a post-op fusion yoga instructor; you might want to check out her video/dvd, website. p

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