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Thread: Shellshocked...another surgery????

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    Exclamation Shellshocked...another surgery????

    As I've posted before I've been having difficulty with loss of arm strength, and upper neck and shoulder pain (right side). I had an MRI done and an EMG (both with no significant answers). I went to a spine specialist today who X-Rayed my whole back - significant degeneration in my neck (which my family physician had also noticed and was why he ordered the MRI) and significant curve below my fusion! I was shocked at the look of my back on the full-body x-rays! (I have had lower back pain for a few years but just thought that was life...I never gave it a second thought and would apply heat when it got too unbearable). He mentioned the idea of a surgery in the lower back and the neck area! I was too shocked to ask many questions...of course the option was given to live with pain and exercise more. I really thought I'd only have to go through this once! I NEVER thought of more of my back needing help. Of course, I'm nowhere near making decisions as I just had my appointment today but WOW talk about taking a succer punch!

    Just needed to share
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    Hi Always...

    I understand about the shock. For the first 8-10 years after my surgery, I couldn't imagine ever agreeing to have another spine surgery. Then, as my lower back pain increased, the idea of additional surgery wasn't nearly as shocking. (I still haven't done it, but recognize that it's almost a certainty at some point in my future.)

    Although you probably don't have flatback, there is a YahooGroups forum for people with that condition. Many of them have had to have additional surgeries, so you may get some good support there:


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