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Thread: Anyone else have any weird residual effects from surgery?

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    Anyone else have any weird residual effects from surgery?

    These are things I've lived with since the surgeries 15 years ago. I have a numb spot on my thigh and another on my stomach. I also have a strange muscle that sticks out a bit on my ribs from where they did the anterior incision. And the coolest of all is the hot and cold feet. My left foot is always warm and my right is always cold! My sandles always look mismatched with one dark and the other light inside. I was told that if the hot/cold thing didn't go away within 6 months that I would have it forever. It used to drive my mom nuts to walk around with only one sock on in the winter!

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    They're fairly common complaints. Check out "incisional hernia" on Google. It sounds like that may be what you're talking about in terms of the "strange muscle."


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