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Thread: Pain Management

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    Pain Management

    Hi- I'm brand new to this forum. I've been trying to research ways to manage my lower back pain. My surgery was in 1992 and I believe I have harrington rods; my spine was fused from T4 to L4. On one hand, it is terribly heartening to find a community like this. On the other, so much of the information here scares me to death!

    It sounds like my pain is not nearly as severe as many of you experience. I have, as of late, be experiencing more pronounced lower back pain and hip popping. Does anyone have exercise recommendations? I have been admittedly rather lax on abdominal strengthening and general flexabilty as I have a physically demanding job that keeps me standing/walking a good part of the day and doing a good amount of 20 lbs+ of lifting.

    Also, what do you do for pain management?

    Many thanks for sharing!

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    Hi Sann...

    My recommendation would be to get to a scoliosis specialist for an examination. Hopefully, they can figure out why you might be having pain. Hopefully, they can refer you for something like injections and/or physical therapy.


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    I too have the lower back pain and the hip popping. My family doctor wants me to try Tylenol 500 mg, 4 times daily followed by a heating pad for 15 minutes to help with the pain. I've tried pain medication before, but was disappointed because I had a false sense that my back could do more than it should. So when I didn't take something the next day, the pain was worse from doing things I shouldn't have. I guess the pain is there to show me my limitations. I'll try the Tylenol and see how it goes. I guess I'll just have to take it easy, which is difficult with two little boys running around!

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