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Thread: hardware removal

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    Was your main reason for having the surgery pain, progression, or cosmetic concerns? Also, what were your curves before surgery and what are they now?

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    Sweetness, thanks for your support. I've just read your history and you've had a hard time, too. I don't have MRSA symptoms at the moment, just symtoms from the antibiotics (a rash, oral thrush, tiredness). The wound is still seeping, too - a nasty greenish pus.

    Deb - all three reasons. I am really not sure about the measurement of the curves, but the top one was over 80 and described as 'severe'. Nobody has actually told me what it is now. i was particularly worried before the op that the curve was still progressing by one degree every year and I couldn't imagine how I would end up. I kmust find out the measurement now.

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    My God Diane, what a ride you've had.

    I am so sorry to hear all these complications. I am also due to have surgery again,I joined this forum in hopes of finding someone who as had something similar done.

    I hope you will be better soon, when is your surgery scheldualed for?
    I admire your courage and appreciate you sharing this with us. Hang in there.
    Cic from Ottawa.

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    Thanks, Cic. i don't have a date yet - won't be till next year anyway as they need to wait for the spine to fuse properly. How about you? What are you having done next time?

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    Hi Diana!
    What am I having done,mmmmmmmmm that is a good question, and very complicated one. I wish I could answer with all the right terms,but what I do know is that they will be removing hardware that was broken during a car accident, and fusing with plates front and back, and doing some sort of triangular shape, hip to hip, then hip to spin then spin to hip.with rods
    I actualy joined this forum in hopes of being able to understand some of what all the doctors are trowing at me. And to see if anyone else is going trew some of the pain I am. Sometimes there is so much going on that you don't know if it is back related or not.
    I have to admite that compaired to alot of the people, great people I might add on this site, I know very little about all the different term used etc.. Sorry if I am wrong sometimes. I had decided a long time ago that this back was not going to stop me. And it asn't.,
    But I am getting more and more informed, for many reasons. The first one being my kids, because they are at such a high risk of getting it. And the second because my pain as increased drastically in this last yr, so i know that surgery will be soon, and I want to make sure my familly is ready for all that will take place. I want to be organized so that it isn,t a burdon on anyone. But mostly for the kids, it is not easy on them to see me not well. They get upset and wonder why I am like that and not every one elses Mother. They are still litlle to underst and everything.
    My next appointement in this July and I will be talking about alot of things, and will probebly have to go trew alot of test before they decide anything. I am lossing more often then normal, feeling in my legs and my harms. My legs will strat shaking when I site to long but I can't feel a thing, same with the harms. Picture it. ! Pretty funny.
    So they will be checking on all of that, first. I also suffer from severe dizzy spells to which I take meds for every day. I thought I had a tumor. It stared after I fell down stairs with my daughter, my leggs had given up on me ,and youpy down we went.
    Then they went away and came back two yrs later(dizzy spells) and I have been on the meds since. They will be checking to see if it is my neck doing the damage. Blaw blaw blaw.
    You asked a simple question and look what you got. There is alot more to it, but I think if I keep writting I will be banded from this forum he he he ! If you want to know more you can alway write at my address. Sorry for being so long.

    Take care, Cic.(CÚcile)
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    Sorry, can't do the accent, but what a pretty name! You really have had some bad luck! A car accident after an op like that is unimaginable and it sounds as if the next op will be huge. We'll all be thinking of you. Dianax

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    Thank you Diana,
    I will know more in July about what will be happening and when. I will keep you all posted.
    I am not too worried I am more concerned about how everyone else will be dealing with the news. Like my husband and my two children, and especialy my Mom. Living with coronic pain for 21 yr, I think I developped some pain tolerence, and I am sure that I will get trew it okay.
    It is just every one else that always take so hard. Example when I had my car accident I think it was in 95, I was very pissed off. It was all due to a guy on his cell phone who was waitting being a car to turn. The light was still green, I was comming on the other side he was waiting to turn into are lain. He decide to go beside the woman waiting and cut me off. At that time I had a solide fusion and the impact snaped one of the rods.(still in my back)
    It was a realy bad time for us because I had just been put on disability not long before, so finacialy we were struggling, and we had just finish fixing the car(to which we had bought for me so that the ride would be comfortable) and now the thing was totaled.
    But, I am the time were I get pissed off at the begining and then alway fined something good in the situation.
    When my husband saw our car, well he almost died, let alone his face of terror when he was entering the room at the hospital.
    I don't know if you know what I mean, I could go one and one about this accident an all it caused. But ,what I am trying to say, is everyone else that is the difficult part for me. And keeping everyone up and not worried. You know??
    I remember when I first found out about having to get surgery again. I always thought that all the crap I was putting myself trew with excercising was to prevent any chance of going trew another surgery, wrong!
    Anyway, when I had told my friends. They were all a mess.
    I am very fortunate because I am surounded by very special people in my life who feel for me alot. It get very hard some time to tell them bad new.
    But I will keep you posted, Take care , Back up again Cic.

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    Hang in there Cic and try to not worry about others so much, they can deal with things, you have dealt with so much and you need to think about getting better and yourself, that will also help them
    35 y/old female from Montreal, Canada
    Diagnosed with scoliosis(double major) at age 12, wore Boston brace 4 years at least 23 hours a day-curve progressed
    Surgery age 26 for 60 degree curve in Oct. 1997 by Dr.Max Aebi-fused T5 to L2
    Surgery age 28 for a hook removal in Feb. 1999 by Dr.Max Aebi-pain free for 5 years
    Surgery age 34 in Dec.2005 for broken rod replacement, bigger screws and crosslinks added and pseudarthrosis(non union) by Dr. Jean Ouellet

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    PICC Line

    Can anyone tell me how painful it is to have a PICC line inserted.


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    I had a PICC inserted after my 3rd admit for MRSA. It was done while in my hospital room. It is considered a sterile procedure, so the tech or RN will have you turn your head, so that you aren't breathing on your arm. They did a sonagram on my arm to find a good (i.e. large) vein. Then practically my whole arm was numbed. I litterly did not feel it being put in. I was expecting something like the pain of having a femoral line put in. That was, on a scale of 1 - 10 an 11+.

    At first it is a little intimidating, i.e. irrigation/hanging and connecting your own IV. But after a couple of days it becomes no biggy! I also had it clot after the 3rd month and had to have it pulled and reinstered, that also had no pain, which I sort of expected.
    Good luck

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    Hi there
    I don't know if any of you with infection problems have tried hyperbaric oxygen to combat it. We used this with my daughter Genevieve in November 2005 - about an hour at pressure every day for a fortnight - with excellent results.
    Although Genevieve did have further surgery in November 2006 to shorten the rods, no infection was found - swabs taken didn't grow anything - and she's had no problems since. We'd definitely recommend it.


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