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Thread: Dr. Patrick McNulty or Dr. Mark Kabins

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    Dr. Patrick McNulty or Dr. Mark Kabins

    Has anyone heard of these doctors before? They are located in Las Vegas and have offices elsewhere. There only seem to be these two doctors in the Vegas area. Please let me know if there are anymore good docs in this area or if you heard of the ones that I mentioned.

    Thanks so much

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    Others I really can't tell you about. Out of these two I can tell you that I've had personal experience with both of them and I will tell you this. One is an excellant Doctor and Surgeon. The other is an absolute quack and Insurance Co. whore!!

    Dr. McNulty is the good one.

    The other one at the bequest of his Workers Comp Insurance Masters found that there was nothing wrong with my back. Since then I've undergone an operation and two other procedures. Thank God there are REAL Doctors left.

    Here's the kicker, I can't find a lawyer to sue Kabins because he's already whored himself out to every lawyer in town. For this reason they can't represent me due to "Conflict of Interest". It's not that I don't have a case, it's just that he's covered his bases very well. This is very sad from what I understand he was a fine surgeon at some point. He did offer to operate on my lower bach though. The thing is my problem was in my Upper Back!!

    I will keep searching for a lawyer to straighten him out.

    And good luck to you. Sorry, I'm not sure I helped you. But I can recommend Dr. McNulty with full confidence.

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