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    Unhappy Little Concern

    Hi Everybody, My Name Is Maria, 35 Years And I Born With Scoliosis, I Don't Know Exactly Of The Lengh Of My Curves, But Compare What I Saw In Some Other Persons My Back Is Really Bad, I Lived With This Since I Born. I Used Something Like The Persons Use When They Brake A Leg, The White Hard Wrapp. From My Waist Trough My Neck When I Was 3 Years Old. After That The Doctors Told My Parents They Can't Do Anything More. That Was In Mexico City Where I Am From. When I Came To This Country In 1986, My School Nurse Send Me To Shrinners Hospital, And They Told Me The Samething They Can't Do Anything For Me, That I Already Grew Up And My Bones Were Ok, I Was 18 At That Time, I Never Had Problems With My Condition Some Times I Forgat I Have Scoliosis, I Can Do Whatever A Normal Person Does, No Pain Or Anything Like That, But Now I Have Problems With My Breast, I Went To Doctor Because A Lump In My Breast, They Send Me For Mamogram Followed For An Ultrasound And They Find Multiple Cysts On Both Breast And A Lump, They Want Me To Do A Biopsyto Make Sure Is Not Cancerous But Now I'm A Little Concern If All The Radiation That I Receive Because Of The X Rays From My Scoliosis When I Was Young Can Be A Cause Or A Posibility Of Having Breast Cancer. Does Anyone Here Have Been Experience This Problem Before? Thanks

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    i have some breast problems. too..but i really think ur doing the right thing with the biopsy and all...all that radiation could be a contributing cause....sry
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    I am very sorry to hear that. It has been 2 years since your post. How are you doing?

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