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Thread: Best of the Best Surgeons

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    Best of the Best Surgeons

    Can someone tell us which is the best hospital in U.S.A. for scoliosis surgery, and also name of surgeons who work there?

    We live in Ireland and have a 14-year old daughter with ideopathic scoliosis, and want to get a consultation with a U.S. surgeon as we want to see if we can secure a better surgical outcome.

    Thanks for any advice offered.


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    well, i dont know if you count Puerto Rico as part of us, but we are us citizens.
    Dr. Pablo V. Marrerro Ortiz, he is the best here
    and he operates at 40 degrees.
    Age: 18
    40TL curve pre op
    Posterior Spinal Fusion with Dr. Pablo Marrero
    San Jorge Children's Hospital in Puerto Rico
    June 7, 2006
    post op curve: 16

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    Hi Brian...

    There's nothing that rates surgeons, so there's no way of knowing who the best is. Your best bet might be choosing a large city, and then we can tell you which surgeons have the best reputation in that area. Also, you may find it difficult to get in to see one of the best, as they often take only referrals from other surgeons.


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    best doctors

    Quote Originally Posted by Brian
    Can someone tell us which is the best hospital in U.S.A. for scoliosis surgery, and also name of surgeons who work there?

    We live in Ireland and have a 14-year old daughter with ideopathic scoliosis, and want to get a consultation with a U.S. surgeon as we want to see if we can secure a better surgical outcome.

    Thanks for any advice offered.

    I live in salt lake city and i think that some of the best orthopedic doctors are here. Shriner's hospital here in salt lake is really great! they will treat anyone from anywhere and they are really great at what they do and how they treat the patients. they work miracles here! you can go to thier website by just typing in Shriner's Hospital on the web. Good luck-

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    Suggestion: Fly into New York City. Have appointments prearranged with Dr. Lonner and Dr. Boachie, their offices are only about three blocks apart. You will get a wealth of information from renowned doctors in a convenient manner. If you need x-rays, go to Lonner's office first as he will x-ray your child there and will let you take the films with you. It will probably cost about a $1,100 for both visits including films. Good luck.

    Mark & Jane, Parents of Lisa
    Daughter 15 years old
    Posterior surgery was in October, 2005, with Dr. Paul Sponseller at Johns Hopkins. Fused T2-L2 w/4 rib thoracoplasty. Rib and local autograft. All pedicle screw and stainless construct.
    Before: PT – 33, MT – 63, L – 32, kyphosis – 46.
    After: PT – 7, MT – 4, L – 15, kyphosis – 32.

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    My recommendation would be with Shriners Hospital in Philadelphia. If you do some research, you will see that the doctors there are very well known and highly regarded. We see Dr. D'Andrea. Dr. Betz, the chief of staff, is unbelievably gifted as well - but might be harder to get an appointment with. (The other Shriners Hospitals may very well be equally wonderful - but I can only speak from experience about the Philadelphia hospital). This is all that they do - pediatric orthopedic surgery, particularly scoliosis surgery.

    In my opinion, you can't go wrong with Dr. Betz or Dr. D'Andrea. Even though we have insurance and live in NY where there are many top docs as well, we choose to travel nearly 3 hours each way to Philadelphia. That should speak volumes

    Best of luck in whatever you decide (hugs),
    Mom to David, age 16, braced June 2000 to March 2004
    Vertebral Body Stapling 3/10/04 for 40 degree curve (currently holding in mid 20's)
    Under the care of Dr. Randal Betz since 2004

    Link to VBS Website:

    Janet Cerrone, PA to Dr. Betz or (609) 912-1500

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    Best of the best

    Dr David Schwartz at Ortho Indy Indianapolis Indiana. Go to OrthoIndy website and checkout his bio. He has recieved International awards and recognition and invented current hardware. He did my daughter 3/27/06. I will paste a post plus pic from another thread.

    My daughter is 12 and has recently had the surgery.She plays open class AAU basketball. She has participated in 2 National Tournaments. 17th in the nation last year. She was diagnosed this past Christmas with 41 degrees Thoratic. It was noticed by her aunt , who also had the surgery 25 years ago at christmas. At March 21 pre-opt visit she was at 46 degrees. March 27 she had a 4 hour surgery. She is now between 0 and 3 degrees, best to worst. She was 5-6 now 5-8 and doing very well. Her Dr was Dr Schwartz from Indy Ortho Indianapolis and her hardware was Titanium Stainless Alloy (Horizon) provided by Medtronics. She had surgery on Monday stood and walked on Tuesday was released on Thursday 72 hours then went shopping on Sunday. 6 days post opt. She had 14 screws and 2 Rods. The Dr did not use donor bone , he scraped the vertabre and injected some sort of protein to promote healing. He is considered a leader in his field, check his bio at She came home only on T3 pain meds. Her case was considered A+ in both correction and recovery. We believe it was due in part to the shape she was in, she had her surgery 6 days after her school Basketball season was over. She has lost 5 or 10 pounds that she shouldn't have. but is doing great. With his method she did not have to wear a post opt brace. The only concern we currently have is avoiding contact and falls until late June. She plans on playing in her 3rd National Tournament in July. The speed at which she is recovering is scarey to my wife and I but she has given no reason to question. Everything has went as we were told. I believe physical shape going into surgery is very important, as well as eating well post opt and walking as much as possible. We believe we also had one of best Doctors available. Educate yourself and plan well and make a list of questions, and try to stay positive.
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    I may have missed it in a previous post, but how long is your daughter's fusion?

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    9 vertabrae

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    my doctor at Miami Childrens Hospital suggested
    Dr. Harry L. Shufflebarger
    my doctor also said that he deos about 300 to 400 surguries a year so he has a lot of experience
    i will probably have him a my surgeon
    here are a couple websites about him:

    Hope this helps
    Mák Veronika
    14 yr.o. girl 9th grade
    Boston Brace since December 2005
    Location in Florida

    I play flute.
    I LOVE ROCK!!!!!

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    Chester, a small Roman city in the UK

    Mum in Chester UK

    I found your post and wondered how you got on, did you find a surgeon in the US? Our daughter is due to have her surgery 7th September and I just read an article about less invasive procedures using scopes but this seems to be only happening in the US at the moment. I am obviously desperate to find a process that involves less extensive scarring and pain.

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