Since having the harrington rod surgery in 1977 and then the removal of it in 1983 I am now in a lot of pain. Just recently I went to Dr. Wright who had done a fusion of the C3-C5 because along with the lower back pain, numbness in my legs and severe pain in the groin area I also am having severe pain in my neck. Turns out I have a hernated disk at C6 and a pinched nerve in my neck. While there he also looked over my MRI results of my lower back and says I need to have my L5 fused to my sacrum to help reduce some of the pain I am in. It is supposed to be a major surgery, especially for someone who's spine is fused solid from T4 to L5. He suggested I see one of the Orthopedic Surgeons in the same building as he is, which is in the buildings associated with Barnes Hospital. Because their specialty is Scoliosis. They are Bridwell and Lenke. However, my insurance company will only deal with Lenke. So, my quesion is....has anyone had this surgery done? I'm told to do this surgery for someone who has a fused spine they have to open you up, front and back so they will be able to put in enough hardware so the fusion will take. I'd love to hear from someone who has had this procedure done.