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    Red face Dr. Lenke-St. Louis, MO

    After having harrington rod insertion in 1977 because of a 50 and 48 degree curve in my spine and being fused from T4 to L5. Then having the rods removed because of severe lower back pain in 1983. Then being diagnosed with degenerative disk disease which worsened to the point where I had to quit work in 1988 at the age of 35. Constant pain which only worsens with each passing year. In 2002 I had three disks fused together in my neck because of severe pain I assumed from the degenerative disk disease. Now at the age of 54 I am being told they need to fuse my L5 to my sacrum and because of my spine being fused solid at the lumbar level it will be a very difficult procedure, with the Dr. having to open me up front and back. I recently was referred to Dr. Wright, a neuro surgeon in St. Louis who did my neck surgery in 2002 and who now thinks I need this surgery but recommened that I see Dr. Lenke or Dr. Bridwell who are just down the hall from him and are Orthopedic Surgeons and specialize in Scoliosis patients. I just called my insurance company today and Dr. Lenke is the only on listed in our network so I'm hoping someone out there can give me some information on his success rate with a surgery like mine. I plan on making an appointment soon and am hoping to get some good feedback to ease my mind. Thank you in advance for any help you can give.

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    Red face Dr.Lenke

    hunbun, I live in Illinois also. I was referred to see Dr. Bridwell but went with a Dr. closer to my home town. Dr. Bridwell and Lenke are suppose to be very good from what I have been told. I had my first surgery in Oct 2004 and rods removed in Sept 2005. Rods put back in Oct 2005. I was going to a Dr. in Decatur, Il. He has since then moved to Missouri. I now have been transferred to a Dr. in Springfield, Il. When I had my first surgery the Dr. made 3 little incisions in the front and put in the bone graphs that he took from my hip. Then 2 days later he went in through the back and put the rods and screws in. It was a hard recovery the first time. Then I was cut on 2 more times. I don't really think it was necessary for him to take my rods out but I developed a problem and he thought that was the solution. Evidently it wasn't. I liked the Dr. I had but I believe he made a mistake when he put the rods in the first time. Well I wish you the best and hope everything turns out alright for you. Just wanted to share my story with you since you are from Illinois also.
    GOOD LUCK.............Mattie

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