Last night was my first time to this site. I don't know if I would have every even looked, but I have a son that the doctors think may have scoliosis. We go to the orthopedic doc Thur. I thought I would reply because I have been through scoliosis. At 12 the doctors found two 39 degree curves. I was put in a brace. A month later I had two 45 degree curves. Two weeks later I had surgery, a harrington rod. I have read several really bad stories over the past two days. I am fortunate to be an exception. I followed doctors orders after surgery. I'm now 32. I was told if I every had a baby I would spend most of my time in bed. I worked 50 and 60 hours a week until a week before my son was born. I hardly ever have back pain and lead a normal life. The only bad thing as a child after surgery the doctors would not let me return to sports. That was a big deal then but not now. I'm able to do pretty much what I want know. I'm truly blessed. I don't want to sound like I'm bragging. I just want every one to know there is hope.