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Thread: Why is SpineCor not an accepted means of treatment among Orthopedists' in the USA?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gerbo
    [COLOR=DarkRed] High EMG ratio was associated with increased axial rotation and diminished kyphosis before the rapid increase in Cobb angle. Lateral deviation, wedge angle, and axial rotation all increased during periods of progression. Changes in tilt angle and lordosis were not associated with curve progression.

    Conclusions. In the natural history of idiopathic scoliosis, SGV and EMG ratio at the lower end vertebra are prominent risk factors of curve progression. The asymmetric muscle activity is associated with increased axial rotation, which in its turn is associated with increasing Cobb angle and diminishing kyphosis. The combination of these variables provides insight in the physiologic and 3-dimensional biomechanical evolution of the natural history of curve progression in idiopathic scoliosis.

    I read somewhere that an increase in RVAD can precede an increase in cobb angle by a few months. Is this what they mean by "an increase in axial rotation" ? As for muscle imbalances, I'm not really sure if its a causative factor or just a consequence.

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    That makes sense. Let me show my ignorance and ask exactly what the initials RVAD stand for?
    God has used scoliosis to strengthen and mold us. He's good all the time!On this forum these larger curves have not held forever in Spinecor,with an initial positive response followed by deterioration. With deterioration, change treatment.The first year she gained 4 or 5 inches and was stable at around 20/20 in brace, followed by rapid progression the next year.She is now 51/40 (Jan2008)out of brace (40/30 in Spinecor) and started at 38/27 out of brace(Jan2006.) Now in Cheneau.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cherylplinder
    what the initials RVAD stand for?


    RVAD stands for Rib Vertebral Angle difference. I'm pretty sure they measure this number with a protractor. There is a real excellent article by Min Mehta on the subject here:

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    Quote Originally Posted by MATJESNIC
    That sounds great. Good luck to you. Your daughter will really like Dr. Deutchman. He is very patient and kind to kids and adults. Does Dr. Smouse's daughter wear Spinecor?
    I understand that the Houston office supporting Spinecor is the father daughter team of Drs. Smouse-one being Stephanie, whom I believe has scoliosis.
    We haven't gone there yet as I had our one month in CA with Andrew Mills.

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