This is my first time to this site, so please bear with me if I am in the wrong spot!! I have scoliosis which is at 42 degrees. After reading some of the messages on this board, it seems quite small. However, I am in a lot of pain daily with it. My back muscles spasm and I get severe pain down into my left hip. I can get some relief from my massage therapist, but not for long. Within 3 - 5 days, the pain is back. I cannot do anything that I used to be able to do and some days getting out of bed is not even an option. I have ran the gammet of P.T., e-stims, etc and nothing is long term. I am going next month to talk to a surgeon regarding surgery. However, I do not think that anyone in my area is qualified to do the surgery. So, what I am wondering is if anyone knows of a surgeon near or around Billings, MT that is experienced in scoliosis surgery. If anyone can give me some answers, that would be wonderful!

Thanks in advance!