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Thread: A French girl who have scoliosis

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    A French girl who have scoliosis

    Hello everybody,

    I'm new here. I'm French and I live near Paris. I think you wonder why I come on this forum...It's very simple. I'm curious and I would like to have one more openmindedness I would like to see how scoliosis is lived in another country, to realize the situation of this disease in other countries.
    As for me, I have a congenital scoliosis as I have it since my birth. Treatments have started at the age of 5 years old with a Milwaukee brace during 10 years. Until 10 years old, my scoliosis dont have very important degrees because she was stabilized at 15 degrees about. But, and I don't know why, from 10 years old, degrees increase. First slowly then more quickly. At 88 degrees, my doctor have gave the surgery indication. So, I have surged 6 months later, when my scoliosis have reached 93 degrees. Even if my surgery didn't have the unfolding that it was planed, I can tell that it is really a success, I am very happy.
    Actually, I have "celebrated" my second surgery birthday, in last november.

    If you want to have more informations, don't hesitate, it will be with pleasure. I hope my english is not too bad and that you have understood my message.

    Best Regards
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    Kisses everybody.

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    hi amandine

    firstly - your english is great, far better than my french!

    sounds like you've come through scoliosis very positively, i'm glad you're pleased with the result of your surgery. do you know which vertebrae you have fused? (i'm T11-L3)

    i live in england and was diagnosed when i was 14. i wore a brace until i was almost 16 and was offered surgery that summer but chose to wait, due to school. i had surgery last summer (i'm 18 now) and am really pleased i did it, i got a fantastic result.

    many other patients are treated the same way i have been, but with very young children (like yourself) surgeons go for serial casting (putting toddlers in plaster casts) to prevent the curve progressing and put off the need for surgery
    diagnosed aged 14 (2001)
    braced from july 2001 to february 2003 to hold curves
    fused T11-L3 on july 16th 2005 (aged 18)
    Discharged by surgeon july 11th 2007 (aged 20 and almost 2 years post-op)
    scoliosis support forum

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