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Thread: Tylers Jan 20 appointment

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    Thumbs down Tylers Jan 20 appointment

    Hi All
    Well we went to our Doctors today and yes indeed I was not just imagining the curve to Tylers back. The Doctor has ordered thoracic and lumbar spine xrays will keep you posted thanks to all your help.
    Jen Burchat
    mom of
    Nicholas-GERD, chronic constipation & ADHD
    Emily-Chronic constipation, GERD, delayed Digestion
    Tyler-GERD, delayed Digestion, Chronic constipation and Scoliosis still under investigation

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    Please keep us all posted. I know it's a lot to take in but it's better to get the ball rolling now and do what you can for him.
    Best wishes
    36 year old single mom of teens ages 14 & 15.
    Anterior/posterior spinal fusion on February 9th & 16th 2006 with Dr. Anthony Moreno who now has his own practice.
    Fused from T-3 to S-1 (sacrum)
    Curve pre-op = 70 degrees
    Curve post op = 20 degrees
    No pain anymore!!
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    I am not a doctor and will never give medical advice. I will support and answer questions from personal experience only.

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    Well, that is good that you were so observant and caught the scoliosis on your own. I am sorry that he has it though (((HUGS))).

    Once they determine if it is congenital or idiopathic then you can get a better idea of what kind of treatment to pursue (serial casting, Veptr etc.). My son is idiopathic, so I know more about the serial casting than the treatments for congenital scoli. But, if it turns out that it is idiopathic feel free to PM me and I will try to help you in any way that I can.

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