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Thread: How do I contact Miss Mehta??

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    Question How do I contact Miss Mehta??


    I've read several encouraging articles on Miss Mehta's casting technique for progressive infantile scoliosis and am very interested in obtaining more info. on this for my 9 month old baby boy, Liam. Has anyone seen Miss Mehta? Have you used the casting technique? What were the results? I would love to hear all about it - good and bad. Most importantly, how do I get in contact with her?? Please pass along any and all info. anyone may have, THANK YOU!!

    Jennifer - Liam's very concerned Mommy

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    I had a consultation with Miss Mehta about 8 years ago and I thought she was a really lovely person - I do have her contact details, but unfortunately I'm at work at the moment and the details are at home.
    If you want to send me an email at I will sent them through to you.

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