Yes Peg, D. All of the above....

I had and have heartburn which seems to be directly related to fat intake. When I cut out the fats, it isn’t a problem. I like to eat a bowl of cereal before going to bed with soy milk. I also keep dry granola and water by my bed, along with regular strength Zantac just in case it’s a Zantac evening. I always try to resolve this issue without taking Zantac first.

I also had these swallowing events where my air would get cut-off and I would wake up choking. I figured that it would be the way I would go but for some reason they have subsided. I even had the docs go down and look at my epiglottis, that’s the flapper that adjusts your gas air mixture. (smiley face) It was fine.

The dizzies and vertigo are of course ear related and well, there are little answers to this nightmare. I have had both, and was diagnosed with labyrinthitis 22 years ago which included extreme vertigo events. I was told it was an inner ear virus. The dizzies after surgery came and went.....I would simply lay down and get into a comfortable position and try to fall asleep. That was another reason why I terminated all my meds and drank copious amounts of water to flush out my cells.

Hang in there