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Thread: Can anyone help me

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    I'm not sure, but I think you may need a full spine x-ray before they see you. I think it's just a way to weed out people who really don't need treatment - I mean there are many people out there who think they have a problem and really don't. Call them and find out. If no one in Woodstock can do a full spine x-ray on an infant child (sounds pretty bizarre) drive down to Sick Kids and have him seen in Emergency as a last resort.

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    Thank you

    Ok Thanks very much I will do that
    Jen Burchat
    mom of
    Nicholas-GERD, chronic constipation & ADHD
    Emily-Chronic constipation, GERD, delayed Digestion
    Tyler-GERD, delayed Digestion, Chronic constipation and Scoliosis still under investigation

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    Jen hang in there i got the run around alot too my son khyler always preferred on side too and around 3 months we noticed his chest stuck out on one side more than the other. first doctor did no x-rays said it was a groth problem and would straighten with age...... he is now three and we are finally on track he has a 95% curve now soo keep trying make them listen to you and good luck

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