Hello everyone, just thought i would post to tell what i was told at my latest appointment. I went up to Mayo(in rochester) on the 29th to have some tests done. They did a CT scan, some blood work, and the normal x-rays they do on post-op appointments. I didnt meet with my doctor until the 30th though. He said that everything was looking great, and everything was healing perfectly which was much to my surprise because when your in so much pain you pretty much expect there to be something wrong. He did have me sent to have a bone scan and some more blood work to check my thyroid but if nothing shows up in there, theres nothing he can do for me in a surgery aspect of it. He is now having me meet with a rheumatologist and also a pain management center to hopefully get me some help with all the different weird pains. I still cant help but wonder if there is something pinched in there because at times i have pains go from my lower back, through my but and down part of my legs...and also ill start with a pain in my neck that will go to my shoulder and then down my arm. Has anyone had experience with a pinched nerve?? I dont know if thats a common pain with pinched nerves or not and i forgot to mention it to my doctor while i was up there. If anyone has any suggestions what so every i would love to hear them! Im taking pain pills, anti-inflammators, and anti-depressants...exercise quite offen and i just dont know what to do with myself anymore. So if you have anything at all for me...id love to hear it!
Thanks a bounch
Abby Jo