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Thread: Pregnant with a lot of pain broken rods!!!

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    Pregnant with a lot of pain broken rods!!!

    hi i am pregnant with my second child. i am only 13wks. i look like i am 5months. i had fusion when i was 13yrs old i am now 25. i had a really bad curve 83 at the top 30 at the bottom. the rod never fused right to my spine now you can see the end of the rod poking out of my back. i can feel it moving when i turn or move certain ways. i am now on bed rest at home. due to pain issues. my xrays taken 2yrs ago look horrible. i would like to get them out. anyway my question is i am applying for disabilty what do you think my chances are. thanks

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    Your chances should be pretty good, I applied last March and was officially excepted by june. I have C-D instrumentation and have a broken rod in my lower spine. To answer your question SS looks at how much you have worked in the past ten years, its kinda like being vested, you need to pay a certain amount to meet the finacial part. Then they look at your assets and your house income, then they look when the last time you worked. And the final stage is your actual medical condition. If you can get your doctor to put in his word it really helps! I was accepet and now i get 1149.00 a month and my daughter gets 550.00 per month. Its not nearly as much as what i was making but it take alot of stress off me. If you have any other questions feel free to email me at

    I had surgery at 15 at Shriners hospital in 1989, i'm now 31. I was 90degree plus. (doctor Osbold shriners hospital spokane WA) Hope this helps! And good luck hon, sounds like your worse off than i am! At least i have medication to relieve some of the pain!

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