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Thread: Revision Surgery--Soon!

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    Revision Surgery--Soon!

    I've posted a couple of times over the past few months, but mostly have been doing a lot of reading about other's experiences--gathering information along the way.
    I am now scheduled for revision surgery at the end of January. Since there's now a real date, it's beginning to get a bit scarry! After 33 years, the thought of surgery again...YIKES.
    At any rate, I am having both anterior and posterior fusion to my sacrum. I'm hoping anyone who has had the anterior and posterior done at the same time can share their experiences, such as additional healing time, pain therapy, etc. I'd love to hear from anyone who has had a similar procedure to correct flatback and nerve issues.

    1972 - 54 degree lumbar curvature
    Grew 2 1/2 inches in 6 hours
    Quite attached to my harrington rod T-9 to L-5
    Ready for revision surgery

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    Hi Deb...

    In addition to any responses you might receive here, I'd encourage you to check out a YahooGroups forum:

    Best of luck with your surgery.


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    You Can Do It!

    Deb - I had my revision surgery October 18 and today I am going to drive (!) into the city (Rochester, NY) to pick up a son and go Xmas shopping. I am taking it very slowly. I do not bend, twist, or lift. And I will pay for my day of shopping tonight and maybe tomorrow. However, my surgery was not a picnic and the doctor did have a few surprises, but he is very pleased to see how well I am doing. In terms of pain, I had a pump, patch and pills in hospital and came home with a Fentanyl patch and RX for oxycodone. I also got a RX for Flexeril about a week after I was home to deal with the muscle cramps in my legs and foot. At my 7 week check the Fentanyl patch was halved and I am taking more Tylenol than Oxycodone. Still taking Flexeril at night to help me relax and sleep. There were long, gray days where I felt sorry for myself, but you just have to push yourself through it. My husband was home for 2 weeks with me. We converted the dining room into my bedroom with a hospital bed, TV and tall dresser.

    Make sure there is a place where you can get washed without bending. Get a raised toilet seat and maybe a shower seat. Oh, and a walker is necessary for a while. If anybody offers to bring a meal or do cleaning for you, take the offer!!!! I had a friend who taped every episode of the TV show Northern Exposure and there were many dark and dreary afternoons where I just layed in bed or on the couch and watched TV.

    Now at 9 weeks post surgery I feel good. I know that I am still really early in healing and I take it easy, but there is light at the end of this tunnel. I have a appt. on January 11 with my doctor and I will start PT after that. Not sure about when I will be doing back to my two part time jobs, but think it will be February. Everybody says I look great, taller, straighter, both my shoulders are even and I've lost 15 lbs.!

    I had the original Harrington rod removed (it was put in in 1964) when I was 13 and replaced with two rods, 3 cages, 1 stabilizing bar and 12 screws. The surgery was 10 hrs long and I was in ICU for two days, hospital another 7. There were two complications, but my doctor dealt with them. I'm not exactly sure of what disks where involved but it was lower back down to tailbone. He corrected my flatback-I have an arch in my back!!!

    Just hang in there, take each day one at a time and ask for help if you need it. Good luck!


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    Hi Marsha...

    Congratulations on getting it "behind" you. :-)

    For the record, no one should ever use a walker post surgery without the approval of one's surgeon.


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    Red face

    Deb, You talk like you are doing fine. Good for you and good luck.
    I had a 56 degree curvature and had surgery last Sept. I was in surgery two different days. Two days apart. The first day they went in through my front.
    I had three small incisions in my front side. The Dr. took out three disks to give my spine to flex. I had to lay flat for two days. Only moved when nurses turned me. That surgery was 5 hours long.
    Two days later the Dr. put in the rods and screws. Two rods and 17 screws.
    65 staples down my back. Besides the 8 in my hip where the bone was taken from. I was in intensive care for 5 days. total hospital stay was 8 days. I went home with a full body brace. My husband stayed home with me two days and then I was on my own. I took it very careful. I could not bend because the brace would not allow me to. I wore my brace for 6 months.
    I went back to the Dr. for my yearly checkup and a screw had come loose and sshoved a rod out. I could feel it sticking out of my back. VERY UNCOMFORTABLE. He took all hard ware out and then three weeks later put it back in. Middle of Oct. had my surgery and doing great. I am back wearing the brace again. I feel good. I do have some pain but don't take any pain meds. I do pretty much anything I want except for bending and lifting.
    I more month and I start PT again. These surgeries are not any fun at all. I would be grateful if I never have surgery again. I lost a total of 26 pounds and didn't have that much to loose. I still have never gained it back. I have put on about 3 pounds. So keep your head up and things will get better.
    I know from experience how hard it is on a person.
    GOOD LUCK.......................

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