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Thread: BIG vacation coming up...

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    BIG vacation coming up... this is the vacation I've been waiting for since my surgery....1 week at Disney World, staying in a 1-bedroom villa on Disney property!!!! We leave this weekend and I can't wait!!! I really feel up to this trip! I'm a little disappointed in that there are some great rides that I obviously can't go on, but this trip is one of the things that I looked forward to most during the early stages of my recovery.

    I just had to share my excitement!

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    Good for you! Enjoy every minute of it. You certainly deserve it. Yes, stay away from those rides..................Enjoy the sun. LYNN
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    Have a wonderful time. Say hello to Micky for me!
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    Hey all ~

    I'm back from my trip to Disney World and happy to report that everything is feeling great!!! I stayed away from the really big roller coasters (which I love!) but did go on Thunder Mountain and Test Track...2 pretty big, fast, jolting rides. All of the walking was fine as well. It wasn't as warm as I would have liked for the first few days, but it sure beat a foot of snow with a lovely coating of ice like we have in Maine!

    The toughest part of the trip was sleeping on the regular mattress...I really missed my Sleep Number bed!

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